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Chapter 346: Fight with Me Side by Side

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“You, go on over there and draw them out!”

“You want to use me as bait” Han Yaotian stared at her incredulously.

Lowering her eyes, Yun Xi remembered how he had pushed her off a balcony in her previous life, and she couldnt help but sneer.

The fear she had felt after falling from a tall building had been a nightmare that had stuck with her for years.

“I dont have to save you.

If you want to stay here, I will leave by myself.

You can stay and have fun with the kidnappers.”

The kidnappers wanted things from his father.

They were not going to kill him before they got those things.

She didnt worry about his life or death at all.

Since this coward had been unwilling to do anything to help save them, she had had to do everything by herself.

She gave Han Yaotian a cold stare.

“If you dont want to die, find a place to hide.

That way, you wont hold me back!”

After saying that, without giving him a second glance, she turned around and found a hiding place behind an abandoned machine, where she could observe the kidnappers on the second and third floors.

The entire plant area was very large, so she could rely on the abandoned machines as cover and go directly to the second floor to take care of the kidnappers there.

However, at the same time, this would alarm the kidnappers on the third floor.

Once the kidnappers on the third floor had realized what was happening, all the kidnappers downstairs would join in the fight also.

Han Yaotians life or death had nothing to do with her, and the kidnappers wouldnt kill him easily.

How she could escape from so many kidnappers was her real problem.

Just as she was cautiously approaching the second floor, she noticed a dark figure flashing by on the third floor.

After grunting some muffled noises, several kidnappers on the third floor fell to the ground, dead.

Thinking that help from the outside had finally arrived, she listened carefully.

She went up to the second floor, poked her head out from behind a wall, and, as she saw the swift figure on the third floor, her eyes lit up.

It was Boss Zilan!

Since she was here, that meant…Mu Feichi was also here!

As soon as she saw Boss Zilan, thoughts of her imminent rescue suddenly gave her a euphoric feeling.

No matter what, at least she didnt have to worry about her life ending here.

After quickly getting rid of the kidnappers on the third floor, Li Zilan saw the figure hiding behind the wall on the second floor when she turned around.

Yun Xi was standing there in a sort of daze.

Li Zilan jumped down an iron pipe from the third floor, took care of the kidnappers on the second floor, and then quickly turned around and ran behind the wall where Yun Xi was standing.

After inspecting their surroundings and confirming that it was safe, she asked Yun Xi, “Is everything all right”

Li Zilan looked up and down at the girl, and her head suddenly started throbbing.

Fortunately, Yun Xi was okay.

If anything had happened to this girl, that man might really have gone crazy.

But since shed had the ability to protect herself, shed demonstrated that she wasnt incapable.

At least she had put what shed recently learned to practical use.

They didnt know what was going on with the situation downstairs, and rescuing her had already been difficult enough.

Fortunately, shed found her safe and sound, so a major problem had been solved.

Otherwise, if something had gone wrong when shed gone to rescue Yun Xi, Mu Feichi would have turned into a madman.

Probably no one would have been able to tolerate his fury.

“Im okay…,” Yun Xi said stiffly, with a smile that appeared more out of place than if she had been crying.

“Han Yaotian is still down there, and there are many kidnappers outside, so what should we do now”

Li Zilan stood with her back against the wall as she glanced at Yun Xi.

“Young Marshal Mu has surrounded the kidnappers outside with our own people.

Do you want to wait here and hide or go out to fight them with me, side by side”

“Hiding isnt my style!” Even though her hands were still shaking a little from beating up all those kidnappers, she still refused to admit defeat.

It was uncharacteristic of her to admit defeat or to compromise.

She wouldnt allow herself to retreat.

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