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Chapter 352: What Is Being Concealed From Him

Mu Feichi had passed the entire night without sleeping.

The sky outside the window was getting brighter, and, since it had been snowing all night, the sky appeared especially pale.

Mu Feichi leaned over and checked Yun Xis forehead.

He felt a little bit relieved after he was sure that the fever had subsided.

Making certain that she was okay was much harder than staying up all night.

Seeing her uncomfortable had made him feel the same way, so he had been anxious all night long.

Now that her fever had finally subsided, he rubbed Great Whites head and told him to guard her.

Then he went downstairs to ask the butler to prepare a light breakfast.

Soon, Su Hang went upstairs to check on the girl and make sure that the fever was gone.

“This girl not only has something hidden thats stressing her out deep inside, but she also has medical skills and combat skills that are way beyond her age level.

Have you never been suspicious about her background”

Su Hang turned his head and looked up at the gloomy expression of the man who was sitting by the bed.

However, when he gazed at the girl, his eyes were strangely gentle.

“I asked Qi Yuan to check her background.

There was nothing suspicious about her, so I dont have any reason to doubt her.”

The fact that there wasnt anything suspicious about her background at all was the most suspicious thing about it.

When facing this girl, even though he had been curious about her origins, when he became certain he desired her, all his doubts had completely disappeared.

He desired this woman, so he didnt need to care about her past.

What he wanted was her present and her future.

The past tense didnt make any sense to him.

Su Hang glanced at the foolish man in front of him, then tugged at the corners of his mouth as he patted Mu Feichis shoulder.

“Boss, having seen you played for a fool by a woman in my lifetime, I will die without any regrets!”

“Stop blabbering so much nonsense, and hurry up and go downstairs for breakfast.”

Not wanting to say anything more lest they wake up the person on the bed, Mu Feichi pinched Su Hang and pushed him out of the master bedroom.

The door slammed shut, and Su Hang stood at the door with a dazed expression.

“Damn you for burning all your bridges with your friends.

What about bros before hoes!” Su Hang clenched his fists in annoyance, then took a deep breath, and went downstairs.

He had been worried all night, so he hadnt slept well either.

This guy really would backstab his bro for a hoe…

When Yun Xi woke up, she had a headache and her body felt sore and weak.

It was almost as if she was experiencing a really bad hangover.

She felt extremely fatigued and as if the room was spinning when she tried to get up.

“Youre awake” Mu Feichi reached out and helped her lean against the bed.

“Yep, but whats wrong with me” Yun Xi lowered her head and could see that she was already dressed.

Then she looked at the man sitting next to the bed and finally mustered a weak smile.

Since her body didnt have any energy, she guessed that shed probably had a nightmare last night and hadnt slept well.

Mu Feichi had slept next to her on the floor.

She didnt know whether shed said anything that she shouldnt have said.

Her reincarnation had been a miraculous event.

Even if shed said something, it would probably only have been regarded as sleep talking, not something that anyone would have taken seriously.

Because of this, she wasnt worried.

It was just…what was with Mu Feichis grave expression

Did she sleepwalk last night

“Young Marshal Mu, you didnt take advantage of me in my moment of weakness last night, did you”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, then chuckled as he pinched her pale cheeks.

“You had such a high fever last night, so how would I have had the courage to lay hands on you.

Do I look that insatiable and desperate”

“…” Yun Xi raised her hand and checked her forehead.

The fever had subsided.

Excessive trauma led to fever, which as a doctor she knew.

Although doctors couldnt treat themselves, such a situation wasnt impossible.

Seeing her somewhat disappointed expression, he reached out and clasped her chin to raise her head so her soft eyes met his gloomy eyes.

“Whats that expression Youre disappointed that I didnt lay hands on you Do you really want me to resort to any means necessary to lay hands on you”

Yun Xi gave him an angry look and moved her hand to pat away his hand.

How could she resist an experienced philanderer like him flirting with her

“Im too much for you to deal with!”

Feebly, she shot a glare at him, but to him it seemed a bit coquettish.

“I have a big appetite.”

“…” This topic really couldnt be continued.

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