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Chapter 355: Who Lit His Fuse

There was indeed a mysterious vibe throughout this entire area, which was controlled by Young Marshal Mu.

Everything seemed as if it were covered with a thin veil, which made people curious and apprehensive at the same time.

Chen Yichen was riding in Qi Yuans car on the drive up the mountain.

The glass windows on the left and right sides of the car were tinted black, so that the scenery outside the car window was completely invisible.

The mountain road twisted and turned, and plane trees were densely planted on both sides.

Even if one could see ahead through the windshield in the front of the car, it was impossible to make out much about the surrounding environment.

Qi Yuan was cautious, and he didnt say much.

Chen Yichen simply asked a few general questions and was relieved to find out that Yun Xi was okay.

“Miss Yun had some minor injuries, and Young Marshal Mu was worried that she wouldnt be able to take care of herself if she returned to the Yun familys house, so he brought Miss Yun up to the Mu mansion to nurse her wounds.

Eldest Heir, please dont let word of this slip out in front of the Yun family.”

“I know, I wont! The Old Madame also misses the girl, so if she needs to nurse her wounds, she can always stay at the Chen familys house.”

He couldnt help but worry about her staying at the Mu mansion.

Qi Yuan was caught off guard at first, then responded a little awkwardly, “This…this was Young Marshal Mus decision.”

If that girl ever really went to the Chen familys house and spent time with the Eldest Heir every day, Young Marshal Mu would probably go crazy.

Not getting any useful information from Qi Yuan, Chen Yichen didnt speak again.

The car stopped at the gates of the Mu Mansion.

Raising his eyes to look at the magnificent architecture of the building in front of him, Chen Yichen got out of the car.

Sure enough, as all the legends had said, the Mu Mansions degree of luxury wasnt inferior to that of any prominent Jingdu familys mansion.

Just standing outside made him feel overwhelmed.

He was afraid that it wouldnt be easy to pry Yun Xi away from this legendary man, especially in his own territory.

The butler opened the door and let him in.

Stepping into the living room, he glanced around, but he didnt see Yun Xi anywhere.

At first glance, what he saw was a man sitting on a sofa, brewing tea, and a snow leopard sleeping on the carpet.

He couldnt help but gasp.

Raising a snow leopard as a pet was really shocking!

Indeed, this guy who was the head of the Mu family had really special preferences.

“Young Marshal Mu, how do you do” He didnt dare step forward because of the snow leopards presence.

He was afraid that if he came too far into the room that it would lunge at him and break his neck.

Mu Feichi raised his eyes slightly and nodded at him.

“Please sit down.”

After saying that, he turned to look at the butler and said casually, “Theres a guest here, so could you please take Great White outside.”

“Okay, Master!” The butler woke up Great White and, half-hugging and half-dragging him, he led it out of the living room.

Only then did Chen Yichen loosen up a bit and turn around and sit down on the sofa.

He examined the man sitting across from him.

Mu Feichi was wearing a black cashmere robe and slowly turning his teacup with his agile fingers.

Even such a simple action had an indescribable elegance to it.

Chen Yichen had once thought that he had been born into the prominent Chen family and grown up under strict discipline, learning proper etiquette and manners.

Hed felt that he was a qualified blue-blooded heir.

But today, seeing Mu Feichi, the legendary Young Marshal Mu who was known for his iron-fisted ways in the business world, he finally realized how big the gap between them was.

Hed thought that since hed become involved in the business world at a young age, he had the worldliness and fierceness of an extremely masculine man.

However, as the head of the Mu family, Mu Feichis cultivation and sophistication from his upbringing had already been deeply ingrained in him.

His every movement and gesture reflected his noble status as the ruler of a centuries-old clan.

After brewing the cup of tea, he handed it over to Chen Yichen.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows slightly as he nonchalantly gazed at Chen Yichen sitting across from him.

“The girl is still eating breakfast.

Eldest Heir, why have you come all the way up the mountain so early in the morning”

Facing a man with such an intimidating vibe, even though he was only a few years older than himself, Chen Yichen felt that he shouldnt be too arrogant or rude.

He nodded his head as he said, “I know everything about what happened yesterday.

I came to see if Yun Xi was badly injured.”

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