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Chapter 356: Difference Between Men!

Holding his teacup, Mu Feichi took a sip.

His leisurely mannerisms gave off an air of aristocratic elegance and nonchalance.

“I didnt expect the Eldest Heir to be so well informed.”

Mu Feichi wasnt really surprised that Chen Yichen had found out about what had gone on yesterday.

Mu Feichis subordinates had been able to thoroughly investigate everything that the heirs of Jingdus four major clans were capable of and what sort of shady business dealings they were involved in.

The heirs of the four major clans werent simple men, especially the Eldest Heir.

Grasping the threatening undertone of Mu Feichis words, Chen Yichen felt alarmed.

His being able to come up here to the mountain so quickly meant that he knew everything about Yun Xi as well.

Sometimes, knowing too much wasnt a good thing.

Being too conspicuously shrewd made one a target of others.

However, regarding this incident concerning Yun Xi, Chen Yichen didnt feel that he had done anything wrong.

If he didnt worry about someone he liked, then he wouldnt be qualified to like her.

However, Young Marshal Mus attitude on this matter surprised him.

He received the vague impression that Young Marshal Mu regarded him as a love rival.

Love rival…

If Mu Feichi had feelings for little Yun Xi, then he would be his love rival!

Chen Yichen didnt take Jiang Henglin seriously at all as a rival.

However, if his rival for Yun Xi turned out to be Mu Feichi…

Then, he would have to seriously reassess the disparity in strength between the two of them.

And, he would have to figure out which one of them was more important in little Yun Xis mind.

He couldnt help but raise his eyes and take a good look at the solemn man sitting across from him.

His aloof, haughty insouciance was very intimidating.

In contrast, Mu Feichis attitude triggered Chen Yichens youthful buoyancy and stubborn ambition.

Even though this rival was Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family, he wasnt willing to simply give up on the person he liked.

“Young Marshal Mu, I like Yun Xi very much.

I always pay attention to her affairs.

Since I couldnt help with anything regarding this incident, I feel very guilty.”

There was never any need to beat around the bush when having a conversation between men.

His hand holding the teacup pausing in midair, Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, and his calm, handsome face became a little gloomy.

“This matter isnt your responsibility, so you dont have to take it on yourself.”

His words had two meanings.

One was that he is a man, and it was his responsibility to rescue hostages.

On the other hand, Yun Xi was also the person he cared about.

As a man, it was his responsibility to save her, and it had nothing to do with Chen Yichen.

Although Chen Yichen could understand that he was a step late, he was still unwilling to give up.

Wanting to say something in response, he suddenly heard Yun Xis voice in the living room.

“Eldest Heir, why are you here”

The confrontation between the two men was interrupted.

Chen Yichen stood up hurriedly, then turned around and walked toward Yun Xi.

He looked at her carefully for a while.

“How are you You werent injured, were you”

“Im fine.” Yun Xi chuckled lightly.

“How did you know that I was here”

Chen Yichen was a little amused.

“When I received the news and called your house, the housekeeper said that you were staying with Old Madame in the Chen familys house, but I asked the butler, who said that you werent there.

I guessed that you were here, so I came here.

Im relieved to see that you are fine.”

“Im fine, so dont worry.” Yun Xi turned to look at the gloomy man on the sofa, then hesitated for a moment before asking, “Han Yaotian was also kidnapped.

Whats the situation with the Han family”

“The Han family” When referring to the Han family, Chen Yichen sneered, and his piercing gaze turned cold.

“The Han family is best at sweeping scandals under the rug.

This scandal will affect the prosperity of the entire family, so it definitely wont reach the public eye.

And since such an incident happened, the Han family will probably keep a low profile for a while.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Well, good to hear that it wont affect your Xinghai Project.”

Before Crocodile gets caught, the Han family will definitely be living on the edge for a while.

“Definitely not.

The Xinghai Project is a large project.

There are many investors.

As long as the Han family doesnt fall, the investors wont run away and the project wont have any major problems.”

Having said that, Chen Yichen couldnt help but look at the man on the sofa.

In reality, he was more curious about Young Marshal Mus stance on this matter.

In the future, once the Han familys dealings with Crocodile were exposed, the balance of power dynamic in Jingdu would be compromised, so a new prominent family must be encouraged to take their place.

The Mu family was the head of the three most prestigious families, and Mu Feichi was its ruler.

The three most prestigious families had the ability to support a new prominent family.It was just that it was bad timing for him to ask any questions now, and he probably wouldnt get an answer if he asked anyway.

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