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Chapter 358: Take You to See a Powerful Figure

A noble master such as Mu Feichi was used to being served by others.

Having him serve others seemed unimaginable.

After thinking about this for a long time, Yun Xi raised her head.

“Young Marshal Mu, do you want to have a rest The butler said you didnt sleep all night…”

“No, I have to go to a meeting later.”

As if he was pondering something, Mu Feichi raised his eyes from the document in his hand, and his dark eyes studied Yun Xi.

His slender fingers were holding a document with a black cover, and he rubbed it as he spoke.

After a while, he asked her, “Do you want to go with me”

“What Go where” Yun Xi raised her head and examined him carefully.

“Come with me and meet my partner in this project, the head of the Si family.”

“…” Yun Xi was stunned.

This was something she had never imagined happening.

Even in her previous life, she had never had the opportunity to meet this legendary great man.

But the man who was sitting in front of her could see him whenever he wished, and he didnt even bother to mention the standard protocol to her.

He wasnt like others, who needed to be informed by Sis people about arranging a time first, then waiting through an indefinite period until it was convenient for the great man to see him.

Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family had much more clout than anyone else.

“I dont think I am socially connected enough to see him.”

“You can meet him when you go with me.

I have to report the kidnapping incident to him.

You were the victim this time.

There is nothing wrong with you seeing him.”

A little hesitant, Yun Xi lowered her eyes.

He was Young Marshal Mu, while she was just a commoner.

If one wanted to meet this legendary powerful man, one must have a convincing reason.

However, it wasnt yet time for her to meet such a powerful man.

Once she appeared next to Mu Feichi in front of him, she would definitely attract so much speculation.

If she became too high-profile at this time, she could potentially bring unnecessary trouble on herself.

After thinking about it, she shook her head.

She was neither curious nor greedy.

“No, its not yet time for me to meet such a powerful man.”

She didnt want to take shortcuts.

She knew that, relying on Mu Feichis connections, she could indeed accumulate lots of contacts.

It was just that taking shortcuts meant more risks, and she didnt want to make it up to the sky in one bound.

By keeping her feet on the ground, she could instead focus on doing what she wanted to do without distractions or fear.

His deep eyes seemed to see right through her.

Mu Feichi gazed at her for a long time.

“You dont have to come with me today, but you cant go to school for the time being until Crocodile is caught.

The scope of your activities is limited to Tianyu Mountain.”

“Whhaaat” Yun Xi was dumbfounded!

“How long do I have to stay Im having final exams soon! I cant go to school until Crocodile is caught”

Shed been kidnapped because shed gotten dragged into Han Yaotians affairs.

What had happened had had nothing to do with her.

Mu Feichi nodded.

“Thats right!”

“But what happened this time had nothing to do with me.” How unlucky for her!

“For your safety, you have to do this.

For your studies, I will ask the young lady of the Zhao family to come over and tutor you.”

“What a joke! My family will be suspicious if I dont go home.

What if I get exposed”

“I will make my people resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

During this time, you have to stay on Tianyu Mountain.”

Mu Feichi stood up from his chair and casually added, “You can go to the Si familys house with me.

You can wait outside in the car, so you dont need to see the head of the Si family.”

“…” So, after all that, hed just wanted to take her to the Si familys house.

Then why waste time beating around the bush

Yun Xi felt speechless as she looked at the calculating man in front of her.

Hed threatened and enticed her without even batting an eye.

She couldnt help being impressed by how slick he was.

“Well, then! Ill go to the Si familys house with you, but I dont want to be ostentatious.

I want to stay as low-key as possible.”

“All right, now go change your clothes.”

Mu Feichi nodded with satisfaction.

She had agreed.

He was willing to compromise.

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