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Chapter 36: Thief Crying Out Thief

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Liang Xinyi thought that her attack wasnt ruthless enough, so she also took out the bracelets she had stolen from Yun Xi.

“These are the bracelets my mom gave to me when I was little, and they are also engraved with my name,Yun Xi.

If Im not Yun Xi, how could you be What kind of joke is that”

“Well, your mother actually did give that to you… after she stole them from me.”

Yun Xi smirked playfully, her crisp eyes seeping with iciness, “However, the most important thing is still on me.

For example…”

She looked out the dragon-shaped jade pendant from her backpack, and the moment the people behind the iron gate saw it, their faces fell.

Naturally, one of these people was Yun Ziling, who had used all her brainpower trying to figure out how she could claim Yun Xis marriage for herself.

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Ziling, who was now unable to remain calm.

She began to cast a long fishing line to reel in a big catch.

In her previous life, Yun Ziling had loved Jiang Henglin so much that she wanted nothing more but to tell the entire world about it.

Using her heart condition, she exhausted all sorts of methods of playing coy and acting as a victim in order to deal with Yun Xi.

Not only did she steal Yun Xis marriage, but she had their mother ruin her face!

With Qiao Ximins instigation and Yun Zilings provocation, this resulted in Liang Xiuqins cruel treatment toward Yun Xi.

Not a single fish in her net should even dream of escaping!

Just as shed expected, Yun Ziling immediately ran up as soon as she saw the jade pendant.

Although she was originally happy to sit on the sidelines to watch the drama unfold, she now squeezed Liang Xiuqins arm tightly.

She whispered quietly, “Mom, that is the jade pendant the Jiangs gifted to symbolize the arranged marriage.

She somehow has it! Hurry up and get it back!”

Liang Xiuqin turned around to comfort her precious daughter before glaring at Liang Xinyi and asking with gritted teeth, “Didnt you say the jade pendant was already smashed into pieces”

“I-I thought it was smashed into pieces… who knew…”

Who knew that Yun Xi would somehow survive!

She didnt die, despite falling off such a high cliff, and even possessed the jade pendant!

From the very beginning, she shouldve finished things once and for all by stabbing her a few times before pushing her off the cliff.

Yun Xis survival was the greatest threat posed to them!

Liang Xiuqin gritted her teeth with anxiety and anger.

“Hurry up and figure out a way to get the jade pendant back! No one will accept you if you dont have the jade pendant!”

Liang Xinyi was no fool either.

She could obviously hear the threatening tone in Liang Xiuqins voice, so she immediately thought of a plan!

“It was you! You were that thief! You were the one to steal my jade pendant!”

A thief crying out thief—Liang Xinyi was actually an expert when it came to doing this!

Yun Xi raised a brow as she watched the figure quickly lunging toward the gate.

Snickering quietly, she grabbed the iron gates in a death grip to prevent Liang Xinyi from opening them.

“Liang Xinyi, you better remember that I will reclaim each and every thing that belongs to me!”

Liang Xinyi suddenly felt a cold draft down her back when she saw Yun Xis dark expression.

She was also feeling anxious about not being able to open the iron gates!

But it was becoming even harder to think of a plan, so she had no choice but to start crying first to earn sympathy from the others.

She understood clearly that if she were to fail to receive Liang Xiuqins recognition here, she would have no choice but to go home and leave this place she was unfamiliar with.

She didnt dare to imagine that scenario!

She would rather die than go back to that desolate, rural area!

So she had to steal that jade pendant, no matter what, and drive away Yun Xi, the little b*tch!

“Uncles and Aunties, she was the one who stole my jade pendant! This jade pendant is mine! Please help me!”

The onlooking neighbors looked at the real and fake Yun Xis.

Both their identifications had the same name, and they both had heirlooms on them, so they dont know who to believe.

Just as they were hesitating, Yun Xi turned around and gave Liang Xiuqin a chilling smile.

“It doesnt matter if you refuse to accept me, Ill have you begging for me to come back! Just you wait!”

Yun Xi quickly let go and turned around without looking back at all.

She quickly dashed toward the entrance!

Liang Xiuqins heart was rattled by Yun Xis look, and she stood frozen for a long time before snapping back to reality.

Liang Xinyi stubbornly chased after her.

“Wretched girl! Stand right there! Give the jade pendant back to me!”

The onlooking neighbors watched this unfold and asked with concern, “Mrs.

Xiuqin, is this girl actually your daughter!”

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