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Chapter 363: Si Wenxuans Life Must Be Exhausting

Mu Feichis sharp eyes noticed the red marks on Yun Xis neck, and he stretched out his hand and rubbed them.

“What happened here”

“Its nothing.” Yun Xi pushed his hand away and said in a concerned voice, “Lets go see whats going on with Madame.”

Si Wenxuan glanced at the two of them.

Young Marshal Mu had never shown any affection to a woman, yet now he was being so protective of this girl.

Even she couldnt get any special treatment, so what right did this wretched girl with no distinguished background have How dare she!

Seeking to suppress her jealousy, she snorted coldly, “Pretentious b*tch!”

Then she squeezed in front of Yun Xi and pushed her out of her way aggressively.

She looked up at the domineering, arrogant man in front of her.

“Brother Chi, you wont let me come up to Tianyu Mountain, so now that youve come to Sijia Mansion, cant you stay a little longer I havent seen you for a long time! Why dont you stay at Sijia Mansion for dinner”

Mu Feichi was cold toward her coquettish flirtations and didnt want to give her any attention.

Yun Xi couldnt bear watching this scene, and she couldnt help but remind her, “Miss Si, your mother is still in the emergency room, and instead of worrying about how your mother is doing right now, youre more concerned about your meal.

What a good daughter! You were so worried about your mother moments before that you tried to strangle me.

Was that all for show”

How exhausting it must have been for her to have acted out like that when no one was watching!

“What do you mean” Si Wenxuan turned her head, and her eyes shot daggers at Yun Xi.

How bold of that little b*tch to dare shame her in front of her crush!

“Who said I wasnt worried about my mother anymore!” For fear of giving Mu Feichi a bad impression, Si Wenxuan glared at her viciously.

Si Wenxuan turned around with a stiff smile and made a random excuse.

“Mom hasnt seen Brother Chi for a long time.

Its rare for Brother Chi to come over.

Since she has suddenly fallen ill, if she doesnt see Brother Chi when she wakes up, she will definitely be sad.”

Listening to her blabber such stupid nonsense so seriously and using her mother as an excuse, Yun Xi just wanted to laugh.

She had to pretend to be reserved in front of Mu Feichi, but she couldnt control her wild desires.

The life of this Si family heiress must be exhausting!

Too bored to listen to her nonsense anymore, Yun Xi turned around and walked away.

Treating the coquettish and obsequious Si Wenxuan as if she was invisible, Mu Feichi followed behind Yun Xi.

Si Wenxuan secretly cursed Yun Xi, but also followed behind them.

She didnt dare touch Mu Feichi.

One time, a bold heiress took his arm shamelessly, and then her hands were gone.

Young Marshal Mu was famous in Jingdu for his abstinence and dislike of bodily contact.

She naturally didnt dare cross his bottom line.

She was the heiress of the Si family, so naturally she must maintain the dignity and sophistication of a lady.

“Brother Chi, wait for me.

Ill take you over!”

Taking advantage of her status as the head of the household, Si Wenxuan took the lead, leaving Yun Xi behind.

As an outsider, how extremely shameless of her to be more proactive than the family.

At the door of the emergency room, the patriarch of the Si family sat in a chair as he waited restlessly.

It took a long time for Dr.

Carl to come out of the emergency room.

“Doctor Carl, how is my wife”

“Sir, since this girl fortunately rescued her in time, the blood clot has been cleaned up.

Madame doesnt have any major problems.

She just needs a period of time to recuperate.”


Carl looked at Yun Xi with gratitude.

“Young lady, how do you know how to administer first aid for a massive hemoptysis”

“Ive learned a little about it.


Carl, the causes of massive hemoptysis include tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, rheumatic heart disease, mitral stenosis, lung cancer, etc.

What caused Madame to have it”


Carl couldnt reveal the medical history of the wife of the Si family.

He glanced at the Si familys patriarch awkwardly.

“Sorry, this is Madames private business.”

“No matter what caused it, it can be cured completely.

Why arent you performing surgery, but doing conservative treatment instead”

“You…how do you know were doing conservative treatment”


Carl looked surprised.

He hadnt said anything.

She could actually tell just by examining the situation.

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