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Chapter 364: Madame Needs an Operation

“It wont be good for Madame if this disease drags on for a long time.

In Jingdu or the entire world, you cant find a chief surgeon to perform the operation with your power Since it has dragged on until Madame has experienced a blood clot, it must be conservative treatment that youre pursuing.

What else could it be”

When it came to the topic of surgery, Dr.

Carl had his hands tied.

“The assistant to the surgeon, Professor Joseph Allen, died in a car accident last month.

Without the help of his assistant, Professor Joseph doesnt dare perform surgery for fear of an accident.

We are now looking for assistants who can cooperate with Professor Joseph.

They are all still in their trial periods.

Unless the operation can be guaranteed to be absolutely safe, we wont perform the operation.

Madame can only have conservative treatment for the moment.”

For Mr.

Si, Mrs.

Sis life was more important than anything else.

The operation was very risky, and no one dared to perform it unless they could guarantee its success.

“Then can you tell me what has caused the ladys episode I will keep it a secret.”


Carl glanced at the Patriarch of the Si family, who nodded.

Only then did he dare to speak.

“It is caused by rheumatic heart disease.”

“Rheumatic heart disease…” Yun Xis expression grew deadly serious.

“Rheumatic heart disease might not be too serious in its early stages, but it can become very serious.

It is one of the main causes of heart failure and end-stage heart disease.

If it is allowed to develop, it is almost always painful in the later stage, and it will affect life expectancy greatly.

It might suddenly cause a stroke or sudden death from arrhythmia or heart failure.

Madame has experienced severe hemoptysis for the first time today.

Now you need to discuss a surgical plan.

If it drags on, Im afraid…”

“I wont allow you to curse my mother!”

Before Yun Xi had finished speaking, Si Wenxuan couldnt bear to listen to her anymore and glared at Yun Xi.

Worried, yet also displeased, she said, “My mother will live 100 years! Carl is my mothers doctor.

What would a little girl like you know”

Si Jingting had already been worried.

Now, after listening to Yun Xis words, along with Si Wenxuans fussing, he grew even more upset.

“Wenxuan, shut up!”

How could Si Jingting fail to see that this girl who could communicate with the doctor in charge must have some medical skills

Carl didnt refute Yun Xis words, but, instead, nodded in recognition of her judgment.

“This little girl is right.

We have to remind Professor Joseph again to find an assistant to perform this operation on Madame as soon as possible!”

They are doctors.

They didnt have national borders, nor did they fear death.

Saving lives was their only duty!

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi and saw that she was thinking about something.

He tentatively asked, “Do you understand this operation”

He could see that since she knew the causes and consequences so clearly, she must understand how to perform it.

He had seen her performing an emergency operation on a train with his own eyes, and the way she had performed the operation hadnt looked like the work of a novice at all.

Yun Xi nodded.

“I think I want to try my hand at becoming Professor Josephs assistant!”

In her previous life, she had served as an assistant to the vice dean.

She had performed a radical operation for rheumatic heart disease.

The operation was very successful and had left a deep impression on her.

Even in hospitals, this operation was rarely performed!

Carl hadnt elaborated on the specifics of the Madames situation, so she dared not make any judgment yet.

If there were any complications or other diseases that prevented the surgeon from performing the operation easily, then she had to think long and hard about it.

After all, she hadnt performed on an operating table for a long time now.

She was no stranger to using a scalpel, but she was worried about accidents happening.

“You” Carl froze, then took a closer look at Yun Xi.

“No, no, you cant! Youre still so young.

You cant perform on the operating table!”

How would they dare put the life of the Madame in the hands of a young girl

That involved the future livelihoods of a large group of people!

Mu Feichi glanced at Dr.

Carl and said airily, “Miss Yun Xi is the one who performed emergency surgery on the Eldest Heir on the train a few months ago.”

“It was her” Carl looked incredulous.

Word of that operation had spread throughout the medical world.

After all, in an environment where the train is shaking, it wasnt easy to perform throat surgery.

If there were any deviations while cutting near the aorta, it was very likely that the bleeding wouldnt stop and perhaps result in a coma or even death!

Carl had heard people talk about this many times, but hed never thought she was such a young girl.

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