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Chapter 366: Ulterior Motives

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi did not stick around much longer.

After reading the medical records given them by Dr.

Carl, they left after the Madame had woken up.

With Si Wenxuan, the Si family daughter and heiress, actively loathing Yun Xi, staying longer would have been torturous.

Especially since Si Wenxuan was convinced that Yun Xi had some ulterior motives at work in her interest in saving her mother.

Plus, she didnt believe Yun Xi had the capability to perform this operation.

Her suspicions were understandable, and it was likely that even the Patriarch of the Si family had a hard time believing that a young girl like Yun Xi had this ability.

After all, it was a life-and-death operation, not some childrens pretend play.

Sitting in the car as they were leaving, Yun Xi carefully examined her confidence regarding the operation and a feasible preoperative plan.

She hadnt used a scalpel on an operating table for many years now.

It wasnt enough for her to be sure of herself.

Everyone else had to believe that she could do it also.

Seeing that she hadnt spoken the entire way home and seemed worried, sitting with her head lowered, Mu Feichi thought she was getting anxious about the operation.

He stretched out his hand and rubbed her head.

“Dont worry about this.

Professor Joseph has already been contacted by someone.

It wont have a big impact.

The Mu family is so powerful, we can always find someone to treat the Madame if you dont want to.”

Yun Xi turned her head and narrowed her eyes to look at the man sitting beside her.

“You dont believe in me”

“No, Im jealous.”

“Huh” Yun Xi looked confused.

“Youre more concerned with other peoples affairs than with me.”

Mu Feichi retracted his hand and looked at her.

With his leisurely mannerisms and his handsome face, he looked as usual like a blue-blooded aristocrat.

“It doesnt matter whether you go to the operating table or not.

Just do what you can.

Even if it doesnt work, you dont have to carry some psychological burden.

Even grown men experts and professors are afraid to try operations.

Why bother to add trouble to your life The Si familys Patriarch and Madame have an intimate relationship, so of course hes concerned.

But with me by your side, no one would dare do anything to you.”

“Im not worried about any of this.” Her expression disapproving, Yun Xi moved away.

She wasnt worried about the operation.

That was up to fate.

It was just that surgeries could be risky, and she was worried that she could bring trouble to Mu Feichi.

It also wasnt entirely true that she didnt have any ulterior motives.

If she could successfully perform this operation, the head of the Si family would owe her a big favor.

From what she knew, the Patriarch of the Si family had deep feelings for his wife, and he took her with him wherever he went.

In addition, Xiao Weijun herself was an heiress of distinguished background.

Her gracefulness and sophistication werent something that ordinary socialites could compete with, so as a wife, she brought the Si familys Patriarch much pride.

She wanted the Si familys Patriarch to owe her a favor not for her own sake, but for Mu Feichis sake.

If she could get this life-saving favor from them, it might be able to protect Mu Feichi in the future, and when and if Mu Feichi ever needed help, the Si family would give him a hand.

After all, no one could guarantee that things would be smooth in the future.

He should just consider it as repayment for all the lessons and care he had given her for so long.

“Then what are you thinking thats making you so unhappy”

Feeling somewhat displeased that shed ignored him even though he was right by her side, Mu Feichi poked her rosy cheeks.

“I want to eat two large plates of brown sugar glutinous rice cakes later.” She lifted her head up and smiled brightly at him after shaking off her anxious thoughts.

“Forget it.

You can only eat one plate.

If you eat too much of that, youll get indigestion.”

Mu Feichi naturally didnt believe her nonsensical excuse.

But since she didnt reveal what was really bothering her, he didnt press it.

He had her back any way you looked at it.

“If you wont let me eat that, then I want to eat barbecue.

Ill eat until you go bankrupt.”

Looking at her coquettish mannerisms, Mu Feichi chuckled as he pinched her chubby rosy cheeks.

“Then you have to be able to do it.”

“Dont underestimate me.”

“Hmm, you can eat as much as you want, and if I cant afford it, I can use my good looks for the debt.”

“How narcissistic!”

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