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Chapter 367: Professor Joseph Agrees to the Operation

Probably because the Si family put a lot of pressure to bear, the hospital quickly found patients with the same condition as his wife.

After receiving the news, Dr.

Joseph met with Yun Xi.

He was expecting some medical genius, but upon seeing that she was just a young girl, he was shocked.

He refused to let her become his assistant no matter what, let alone do an operation with him.

Yun Xi asked to speak to Dr.

Joseph alone.

She had done a lot of background research on him in the past few days.

He was a world-class expert and professor in the Department of Cardiology and was highly esteemed throughout the world.

He was especially well known regarding his research on heart disease, where he had broken many medical records.

In her previous life, Liang Xiuqin had used sulfuric acid to force Yun Xi to surrender her marriage contract with the Jiang family to Yun Ziling.

It was simply because Yun Zilings heart valve replacement surgery had been unsuccessful, and the transvalvular pressure would continue to increase with age.

Thus, the older the patient, the more symptoms would appear.

After Yun Ziling fell ill, she threatened Liang Xiuqin that she would kill herself if she couldnt have the engagement.

This was one of the reasons why Yun Xi had been so brutally attacked.

She had been foolish her entire life and contributed so much to her family without complaint, yet in the end all she got was abandonment and betrayal.

In this life, even if everything in the past happened again, she would never be so soft-hearted.

Even if Liang Xiuqin kneeled down in front of her and begged her to treat Yun Zilings illness, she would no longer relent just for the sake of fake familial affection.

Outside the office, upon hearing the discussion inside, the group of people standing by the door all quieted down.

Although they couldnt quite hear what was being said inside, Dr.

Carl could hear the confidence in Yun Xis standard English.

In the end, the two of them walked out of the office smiling, and they exchanged details and plans of the operation.

Mu Feichi leaned against the opposite wall with his hands in his coat pockets and leisurely watched the petite figure at the door.

The young girls confident mannerisms were simply too dazzling.

The level of her English fluency rivaled his, who had traveled all around the world for business negotiations.

Her soft, tender tone gave Mu Feichi a warm and fuzzy feeling like a gentle breeze on ones face.

Her sea-blue down jacket was stained when she got kidnapped, so he had asked Xiao Lingjing to get her a new one, plus several wool coats of the same color.

He liked her dressed like this.

She appeared youthful and tender, like a new flower bud that was full of vitality and vigor.

It would be difficult for other girls to look flattering in this color, but on her, this color made one feel much more optimistic about the world.

After listening to her and Professor Joseph discuss the time for the operation, along with the patients condition, they agreed on Monday morning.

At this moment, the dazzling little girl in front of him had stirred the most tender part of his heart.


Carl was also very curious.

What on earth did she tell Professor Joseph to persuade him

After listening to Professor Josephs arrangements, Yun Xi obtained the approval of the hospital dean.

For the next few days, she would be able to come to the hospital to observe and practice surgery.

Walking out of the hospital, Mu Feichi cocked his head as he glanced at the figure holding a pile of documents who was walking beside him.

He felt a little helpless.

“Why are you so interested in this operation” At her age, no one would say anything if she couldnt do it.

But shed insisted on going to the operating table and even persuaded the stubborn Professor Joseph.

He could see that for her, this operation meant more than just rescuing one person.

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at him, then said without beating around the bush, “I want the Patriarch of the Si family to owe me a favor.

No one had dared to do this before, so Im the first one.

After all, I will be socializing with people in the business industry in the future, so wouldnt it be better to have one more ally”

“Well…good! Even I dont have the ability to make the Si family Patriarch owe me favors.”

She sure lived up to her reputation as the woman Mu Feichi admired the most.

How straightforward and adorable she was.

“Young Marshal Mu doesnt need to humble himself.

You three giants control the balance of power dynamic in Jingdu.

This is already a great honor.

Without you, there could be many unexpected things.”

“I am the Patriarch of the Mu family.

This is my duty.

Its not for anyone else, and it has nothing to do with favors.”

Yun Xi nodded and said that she understood that, as he had said, people with his status did things that gave them a clear conscience and never asked for undeserved rewards.

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