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Chapter 370: How Impressive!

As soon as Feng Yangs figure had disappeared down the mountain road, Mu Feichi exploded in a fit of jealousy.

His bitter voice sounded out from behind her, “I didnt expect you to be able to handle unusually arrogant Young Master Feng so easily.

How impressive!”

Yun Xi froze.

Sensing the tension, she turned to face him slowly.

“I didnt expect that I would offend the unusually arrogant Young Marshal Mu so easily.

How impressive of me!”

Sitting in the passenger seat, Feng Rui couldnt help but give Yun Xi a thumbs-up when he heard this.

She was the first and only one whod ever dared to talk to Young Marshal Mu like this.

What a unique personality!

The two of them just stared at each other silently with neither backing down.

His deep eyes that fell on her seemed eerie, unpredictable, and made it difficult to figure out what he was thinking at the moment.

In his glance, there was displeasure, irritation, and even helplessness toward her.

Since she had had a failed relationship in her previous life, if she wasnt able to grasp the insinuations of Mu Feichis bitter words, it would show she hadnt learned a thing from her previous life.

This domineering man had an unpredictable temper that made it difficult for people to read his mind.

Hed never explicitly stated whether he liked her, and instead all he ever does is either tease her or push her around.

Whats more, he has directly offered her the position of the Mu familys wife without asking her what she thought about it.

He simply ordered her to take it.

This domineering man, who from when she had first come to Jingdu and really didnt want to get involved with him until now, seemed to have been tied together with her by fate.

He had taught her how to become stronger, saved her from danger, and had even gone out of his way to give her a birthday gift after she was injured.

She could never pay off this kindness.

After a while, Mu Feichi snorted softly, and there seemed to be hints of compromise in his gloomy voice.

“Yes, you have become impressive! The Eldest Heir wasnt enough, so lets have the Feng familys young master as well.”

This proud man was fuming with anger inside and overwhelmed with jealousy, so it wasnt certain whether he was expressing his grievances or simply venting his anger.

With a sullen expression, Mu Feichi raised his hand and pinched her tender cheeks.

“Young lady, with your feet in so many boats, I wont rescue you if the boats capsize someday.”

He felt aggrieved inside, but he didnt have the heart to do anything with his hands.

If he accidentally hurt her, wouldnt he himself be the one feeling the anguish

Yun Xi pushed his hand off her face and mustered an insincere smile.

She defended herself self-righteously.

“First of all, the Eldest Heir owes me for saving his life, and second, Feng Yang and I are only acquaintances.

We arent even friends.

Therefore, what on earth do you mean by my feet in so many boats When did I put my feet in so many boats”

Even if he really wanted to say that she had stepped on a boat, the only boat she had stepped on was the big boat of Mu Feichi!

Whats more, it was a pirate ship that she couldnt escape from even if she wanted to.

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly.

Was she explaining something to him

Very good, since she at least knew how to explain it to him, she wasnt a complete lost cause.

Mu Feichi frowned and looked at the stubborn little girl standing in front of him.

Her clear, smooth face was red from the cold, and her sparkly eyes were even brighter than the sun.

As the saying goes, everything has its vanquisher, and he had finally gotten a taste of it!

Withdrawing his hand, Mu Feichi put his hands in his pockets and circled back to the topic.

“Do you need me to have someone deal with this matter”

After all, he didnt want her to provoke the Feng family…and he was even more unwilling to have her come into contact with Feng Yang.

Men of his age were always the most attractive to impressionable, naive young girls who were just starting to develop romantic feelings.

Compared with the outgoing, handsome Chen Yichen who had just entered society, these 25-year-olds were more mature and self-assured from already having been out in society for a few years.

His little spoiled brat wasnt even fully mature yet, so he wouldnt go easy on anyone who dared to try to snatch her away.

“No, I can handle it.

Moreover, I also need to use this matter to force my mom to keep a low profile for a while.”

New Years was coming soon, and she still wanted to enjoy the celebration of the new year!

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