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Chapter 371: Feng Yangs Sister

After taking a few days of sick leave, Yun Xi couldnt bear the boredom any longer.

Worried that her mother would try to use her final exam grades against her if they were too low, she finally returned to school, after reassuring Mu Feichi that she was okay.

As soon as she arrived at school, Zhao Yumo ran over to her, frantically expressing her concern.

“Im so glad that youre okay.

When that idiot Second Master Jiang said that you had been kidnapped, I was scared to death!”

Yun Xi didnt tell her any of the specifics about that day.

She just smiled airily and said, “Im fine, dont worry about me.”

“That Han Yaotian is such an outrageous fool.

He put your life at risk.

D*mn him.

The next time I see him, Im going to beat him up!”

“With the energy that you would have to expend to beat him up, it would be better for you to take advantage of Second Master Jiangs abilities and try to be more like him.

Seeing the Han family go from being one of the four major clans to nothing will be more gratifying than beating him up, am I right

“Youre right.

Second Master Jiang says the same thing.

I will work harder.”

After talking about this, Zhao Yumo suddenly remembered something interesting that had been going on in their high school while Yun Xi had been away.

“By the way, your perfect score essay started circulating around our school for some reason.

Not only among seniors in our grade, but also the juniors are studying your essay.

I heard that there was an essay contest for first years and second years, and the literature teachers printed out your essay and distributed it to all the students as reference.”

Yun Xi frowned slightly.

“How come I feel like Ive suddenly become a celebrity”

Zhao Yumo patted Yun Xi on the shoulder with pride.

“Thats right.

You are now a celebrity in our high school.”

“Id better keep a low profile, lest someone try to trip me up.”

Zhao Yumo chuckled.

“Who would dare do that to you now Senior year of high school is very academically rigorous.

This semester, all that is left to accomplish are the Biology Olympiad and the English competition sponsored by Jingdu University of Foreign Languages.

The preliminary contest is at the end of the month, and the finals are in the middle of next month.

If you win an award, you can be recommended to study at a foreign university.

If you want to participate, I will go too.”

Yun Xi raised her eyes and glanced at Zhao Yumo.

She was fairly confident in her English, so participating wouldnt be a problem.

Zhao Yumos mother taught foreign languages, and she had been learning English since she was a child.

“Then participate.

Just treat it as testing your skills.”

People like them had to have things they had control over, and studying abroad wasnt that realistic.

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes.

With Yun Zilings grades, it wouldnt be easy for her to win the essay contest among the first and second-year students.

As for Yun Chuhan, it all depended on luck.

As they got out of school at noon, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were stopped by someone at the school gates.

Yun Xi glanced at the classmate who had stopped her.

She was wearing a low-key designer coat, and she had a delicate-featured beautiful face.

As her eyes fell upon her, she felt that she appeared a little familiar.

Before she could ask who she was, the other girl identified herself.

“Are you Yun Xi Im Feng Xifang, a second-year student in high school.

We live in the same villa complex.”

Yun Xi realized that this little girl must be Feng Yangs younger sister, the only heiress of the Feng family.

She had seen Miss Feng before in her last life.

She wasnt particularly stuck up, and she could be regarded as one of the more cultivated heiresses.

“Classmate Feng, whats the matter”

“Um, Ive read your essay, which was very well written.

I am participating in the essay contest and would like to ask you for some guidance.

Are you free on Saturday or Sunday Could you please be my tutor and help me with my essays”

“Tutor” Yun Xi was caught off guard.

She was a little uncomfortable with Miss Fengs direct way of speaking.


We live close to each other, so I could go to your home or you can come to mine.

I will pay you whatever you want for the tutoring lessons.

I wont bargain.”

She was really a wealthy heiress.

She was very naive and had no concept of money.

She had absolutely no protection against Yun Xi asking for a very large sum.

Yun Xi thought of the scandal her mother had caused, then looked at the earnest and unassuming young girl in front of her, and pondered how she could tie this all in with her scheme.

To settle accounts with her mother, she would probably have to ask this girl for help when the time came.

“All right, since we all live in the same villa complex and go to the same school, I wont be charging you any tutoring fees.

Im busy on Saturday, so Ill see you on Sunday.”

Her dad didnt have to go to work on Sunday, so she decided to let her mother dig her own grave on that day.

“Okay, okay! Thats a promise then.

If I win this essay contest, Ill take you out to dinner.”

“Good!” Yun Xi nodded.

This Miss Feng Xifang was easier to get along with than she had expected.

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