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Chapter 378: Did I Offend Him by Not Begging for Help

Because she had made plans with Chen Yichen to go to the Chen familys house for dinner on Saturday, Yun Xi was not surprised to see Jiang Chenghuan arrive almost right after she had arrived.

Yun Xi knew it wasnt a coincidence.

She realized that it was just someones jealousy acting up again.

Since Mu Feichi hadnt been invited, hed sent his friend and lackey, Jiang Chenghuan, who as a family member could drop in unsuspiciously.

It was indeed true that it wouldnt have been appropriate for the dignified Young Marshal Mu of the Mu clan to drop into the Chen familys house so frequently.

No one wanted gossip to start that the Chen family had established ties with the Mu family.

If that happened, the other three prominent families would regard the Chen family as a possible rival, and the stability of the power dynamic in Jingdu would be disrupted.

This wouldnt be a good thing for the Chen family, and it might even lead to its downfall.

It wasnt appropriate for someone of Mu Feichis standing to openly support any family.

Therefore, although he was secretly helping the Zhao family rise to prominence, he could only do so in private.

Even regarding Zhao Yumo, he simply let Jiang Chenghuan deal with her.

He disassociated himself from the matter and took a neutral stance.

Although he had a revered status as Young Marshal Mu, who belonged to one of the three major clans in Jingdu, at the same time, he was also the head of the Mu family.

His every move affected the interests of various families.

After all, the power of the Mu family in Jingdu couldnt be underestimated.

On the other hand, Jiang Chenghuan couldnt be any more suitable for the position of a spy.

With the Old Madames affection for him, no one would suspect him of being at the Chen home as a spy, and he had no fear of being suspected.

However, when Chen Yichen saw Jiang Chenghuan appear, he knew right away that it wasnt a coincidence.

With Mu Feichis domineering personality, Yun Xi being allowed to come to the Chen familys house was like pigs flying.

The other day when he had gone to the Mansion Mu to see Yun Xi had been tantamount to driving a wedge in the relationship between Yun Xi and him.

Now he could only use the Old Madame as an excuse to get Yun Xi to visit.

Any private meeting between Chen Yichen and Yun Xi would definitely be exposed to Mu Feichi.

Chen Yichens feelings of inferiority filled him with great displeasure.

However, this girl was still so young, and there were many variables and unknowns that could still come to pass.

Who knew what the future would hold

He could definitely snatch her from Jiang Henglin, but if he wants to put up a fight against Young Marshal Mu, he must have immense capabilities.

With Jiang Chenghuan at the dinner, Yun Xi didnt have to worry about any awkward silences.

After dinner, Grandfather Jiang arrived with Jiang Henglin.

Obviously, he had received some news.

Yun Xi couldnt help but steal a look at Jiang Henglin.

He hadnt shown his face since the day when he had come to her and asked her to beg him for help.

Even though she hadnt begged him, the matter had been resolved.

He probably felt displeased about this.

At this moment, upon being dragged over by the old man to spark romance with a girl who he found extremely distasteful, he must really detest her.

Grandfather Jiang had always been fond of Yun Xi, and, along with the fact that her medicine pillow had given him many good nights of sleep, he rushed over when he heard that Yun Xi was at the Chen familys house.

Instead of going to the Jiang familys house, this girl visited the Chen familys house.

That made him very unhappy.

If he really lost his granddaughter-in-law to the Chen family, he would be extremely disappointed.

“You rascal, hurry up and apologize to Yun Xi!”

Jiang Henglin had been dragged over by the old man to apologize to Yun Xi.

He was already feeling very bitter, but now, in the presence of so many people, he felt even more humiliated.

“Grandpa Jiang, why do you want him to apologize to me”

Yun Xi played dumb as she looked at Grandpa Jiang, then at Jiang Henglin, who looked displeased.

She had been allied with him in her previous life.

They had never crossed each other and protected each other in front of their elders.

But in this life, he had deliberately made things difficult for her, humiliated her, and even used Yun Ziling to try and shame her.

She wouldnt let him off the hook.

“Regarding the matter with your father a few weeks ago, I told this kid to have his father handle it.

And he didnt do anything about it.”

Yun Xi glanced at Jiang Henglin with undisguised disdain in her eyes.

She was flabbergasted.

Had she offended him by not begging him for help

“Oh, its all right.

This matter has been dealt with, so dont worry, Grandpa Jiang.”

Grandfather Jiang knew what kind of person Yun Yuanfeng was, and he, who was only looking out for her, sighed in distress.

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