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Chapter 379: Cutting Off an Enemys Options Without Giving Him a Chance to Strike

“You must have suffered because of this willful rascal, didnt you”

Although he didnt know who had resolved the matter, they were at fault for not being helpful enough.

“I havent suffered at all.

Dont worry, Grandpa Jiang.

We have turned over a new leaf, so you dont have to force Second Master Jiang to apologize to me.”

Yun Xi smiled airily, and her magnanimous words emphasized her gracefulness as a lady.

Regarding this matter, she had neither gone to the Jiang family for help, nor did she blame the Jiang family for not helping.

She held no grudge against Jiang Henglin.

She appeared as calm and nonchalant as usual, as if she hadnt taken this matter to heart at all.

Grandfather Jiang was very satisfied with her attitude.

Yun Xi knew how to deal with all kind of issues publicly and was far more intelligent and well-mannered than her mother.

However, to Jiang Henglin, her response seemed like a pretentious attempt to garner sympathy.

He looked at her with even more contempt in his eyes.

On the other hand, Jiang Chenghuan would be glad to see the two of them fall out, since it would definitely be impossible for them to become husband and wife in the future.

At the same time, Young Marshal Mu would lose a rival.

A new leaf had been turned over in Yun Yuanfengs embezzlement scandal, and Yun Xi wouldnt talk about it any further in the Chen familys house.

She was certain that everyone probably already knew about it anyway.

Since she hadnt gone to the Chen family to ask for help, the people in the Chen family figured that either they had had the ability to solve it by themselves or they had used another connection so they hadnt been in need of their intervention.

Being asked in the presence of so many people to apologize to a girl who had gone to peoples doors asking for help, Jiang Henglin couldnt do it.

He had no desire to apologize.

“Yun Xi, I have something to tell you.

Can you come outside with me”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Jiang Henglin with a half-hearted smile.

“Why, does Second Young Master Jiang want to apologize to me If you want to apologize, then just do it directly.

Theres no need to hide.

All the people here are your relatives.

Theres nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Upon being provoked by her, Jiang Henglin, who hadnt planned on apologizing in the first place, grew more sullen.

“Who wants to apologize to you How do you think youre owed an apology from a young master like me”

It would have been all right if he hadnt opened his mouth, but as soon as he spoke, he fell directly into the trap that Yun Xi had dug for him.

“Since its not an apology, we have nothing to say.”

“You…” Jiang Henglin clenched his fists and glared at Yun Xi viciously.

He was fuming with rage.

“What…you How dare you talk to Yun Xi like that Its already bad enough that you wont apologize.

Whats with your stuck-up attitude”

Grandfather Jiang had a violent temper.

Upon seeing that the grandson he had raised was being so rude, he really wanted to take out a whip.

“Grandpa Jiang, dont get angry!” Yun Xi smiled at the old man who had always been so affectionate toward her.

“I dont need Second Young Master Jiang to apologize to me.

After all, I cant afford it.”

Jiang Henglin glared at Yun Xi angrily, but he wouldnt back down.

Yun Xi was too bored to bother talking to him any longer.

She promptly changed the topic and started discussing the topic of Grandpas health while treating Jiang Henglin, who was unable to join in on the conversation, as if he were invisible.

Sitting there on the sidelines, Jiang Henglin saw that wretched girl Yun Xi getting along with the Chen family so amicably, and he couldnt swallow his anger.

How dare she not take him, who she was engaged to, seriously

Obviously it was the Yun family that was out of their league by trying to establish ties with the Jiang family and the Chen family.

Why did it seem as if everyone was kissing up to her now

All she had done was save the Eldest Heir and the Old Madame

What was that wretched girl Yun Xi gloating about

Chen Yichen sat quietly across from Jiang Henglin without speaking.

He looked at Yun Xi, then at his irritated cousin.

How interesting!

Only Yun Xi had the ability to cut off all her enemys options without giving him a chance to strike and to suffocate him with the sensation of having his hands tied behind his back.

After leaving the Chen familys house, Yun Xi went with Jiang Chenghuan to his private villa.

She was going to see how Zhao Yumos training was going.

Although she hadnt had any worries about handing her friend over to this playboy, she was about to make a move against the Han family, so she had to make sure that everything was going well with the Zhao family.

As for Qiao Ximin, she hadnt seen her yet in this life.

When looking through the data provided by Mu Feichi, shed paid attention to the Qiao familys house.

At this time, Qiao Ximin was still in her senior year at an elite school in Jingdu.

She was also going to take the college entrance examination soon.

Yun Xi was looking forward to seeing her at Jingdu University.

She wasnt in any hurry to deal with her.

So many enemies from her previous life all gathered together would be enough for some major drama.

Now that the end of the year was approaching, the first thing she was going to do was seize the opportunity to settle accounts with her mother.

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