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Chapter 381: Taking Advantage of the Situation

When Feng Yang opened the door of the Feng family house and saw who was standing outside, he felt somewhat surprised and somewhat expectant.

Yun Xi went up the steps, but her foot suddenly twisted, she lost her balance, and she fell down on the porch.

Feng Yang swiftly caught her, and Yun Xi seized the opportunity to whisper to him, “No matter what is said here this morning, please insist that you dont know me.”

Feng Yang narrowed his eyes and didnt let go of her.

Taking advantage of the situation, he said, “How will you thank me for helping you”

Yun Xi was taken aback.

She gave him an annoyed glare, then said through gritted teeth, “Why, youre trying to take advantage of the situation”

“I am taking advantage of the situation.”

“Ill treat you to a hot pot”

Since hed dared to take advantage of the situation, she said shed treat him to a hot pot, hoping that the spiciness would punish him.

“Okay, deal!” Right after Feng Yang had readily agreed, Yun Xi heard the rush of footsteps behind her.

“What are you doing Let her go!”

Liang Xiuqin had led over a group of the gossipy wives from the villa complex.

As soon as they arrived, they saw the two of them hugging at the door of the Feng familys house.

Liang Xiuqin immediately rushed forward and pried them apart.

At the top of her lungs, she yelled inside the house, “Young Master Feng, how can you be so intimate with my daughter in broad daylight Youll ruin her reputation, and how will she be able to stay in the villa complex in the future”

Yun Xis timing had been so accurate that the group of gossipy wives who had run over with Liang Xiuqin had also seen the two of them at the door.

Under Liang Xiuqins guidance, they all thought about the rumors that had been circulating throughout the villa complex recently.

The Young Master of the Feng family was pursuing the young lady of the Yun family.

Such rumors were usually unreliable because they were all gossip, but now that they had seen it with their own eyes, all the wives started discussing it.

“It really is the Feng familys Young Master and Yun Xi.

It seems as if the rumors have all been true.”

“Didnt the vibe seem like they were going to kiss If word gets out, theyll become laughingstocks.”

“Isnt the Yun familys young lady engaged to marry into the Jiang family What is this charade”


Liang Xiuqin was acting like a teacher who had caught her students red-handed in an inappropriate relationship, and she was in a thrilling state of excitement.

Madame Feng, Ai Zhujun, who was about to go out, heard the yelling outside her door and took a look.

Her door was surrounded by a group of wives from the villa complex.

The scandalous eldest daughter-in-law of the Yun family, Liang Xiuqin, was leading the way.

It was early in the morning on the weekend, and nobody had to go to work.

So what was up with this noisy crowd causing a scene in front of her house

Frowning, she stepped out of the house.

Liang Xiuqins harsh voice suddenly sounded, “Young Master Feng, during this period of time, a rumor that you were pursuing my daughter, Yun Xi, has been circulating throughout the villa complex.

I originally thought it was just a rumor, but now I see you acting intimate with my girl in broad daylight.

This is not acceptable.”

Liang Xiuqin became even more worked up when she saw Ai Zhujun coming out of the house.

“My girl is still very young.

How will my child be able to carry herself in the future if you mess around with her Even if you like her, youll have to wait a few years.

It isnt appropriate to be dating so early.”

Liang Xiuqins aggressive demeanor and accusations against him seemed as if she was speaking up and seeking justice for her daughter.

In reality, the emphasis of her words was on how he had been too intimate with her and was ruining her reputation in the process.

Anyone with a discerning eye could perceive that she was trying to hold him responsible.

Yun Xi resisted the urge to laugh.

Her mothers shamelessness was truly mind-blowing.

Even if he had been pursuing her, no normal mother would react in that way, especially if he had been interested in her.

Whats more, he wasnt even interested in her.

Upon seeing Ai Zhujun come out, all the wives who had come to watch the show shut their mouths in anticipation of drama.

Madame Feng was usually unapproachable, and it was rare for them to get the chance to see her.

Now that there was going to be drama, they all wanted to watch.

“Madame Feng, you came out here just in time.”

Upon seeing that her yelling had finally summoned his mother, Liang Xiuqin disparaged Feng Yang even more.

They were the victims here, and she wasnt afraid of the Feng family using its influence to bully them.

There were plenty of witnesses here as well.

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