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Chapter 383: Slandering the Feng Family

On this day, Liang Xiuqin had suddenly led a group of people to the door of the Feng family home to put on an act of motherly love.

Did she really think Madame Feng was blind or a pushover

Liang Xiuqin looked puzzled.

Madame Feng had no reason to lie, so perhaps the phone call really hadnt come from their home.

Whether the phone call had come from the Feng home or not wasnt important, however, since Yun Xi and Feng Yang had been caught red-handed on the porch in front of their house.

How were they going to get out of that

“But we just saw you take advantage of my daughter! And, the other day, you gave my daughter a gift.

If you werent interested in her, then what else could it be”

As she said this, Liang Xiuqin suddenly pulled Yun Ziling to stand next to her.

If there was a chance to see that wretched girl Yun Xi suffer and be taken down, Yun Ziling naturally wouldnt want to miss out.

After all, if all this went well, the marital contract with the Jiang family would belong to her in the near future.

Although it would be unfair to let that wretched girl Yun Xi climb socially through her connections with the Feng family, prominent families like the Feng family valued socioeconomic status.

Shed rather not have a mother-in-law as intimidating as Madame Feng.

Moreover, they didnt have any idea what Feng Yang did for a living.

If he really worked in a large company, then would Yun Xi offend people in their social milieu

She wouldnt have wanted to marry a person like Feng Yang.

The Feng family, when compared with the four distinguished families like the Jiang family, had a lower status than the Jiang family.

After pushing Yun Xi out the door, in the future, all the wealth and glory would belong to their family.

She wouldnt even care if her life wasnt going well at that point.

“You gave my sister a gift worth several thousand yuan at my house the other day.

Brother Feng, if you dont like her, why would you give her such an expensive gift”

Feng Yang lowered his eyes and asked in a deliberate manner, “Gift…I did”

“Of course you did! It was a Burberry scarf.”

As soon as shed mentioned this, Yun Ziling remembered how envious she had been.

That country bumpkin Yun Xi, whod just come back from the countryside, got to have what she couldnt have.

What unbelievable luck!

As Yun Ziling spoke, she rushed forward to pull the scarf on Yun Xis neck, as if she was displaying the evidence that would turn the tables.

With a triumphant expression on her face, she said to the crowd of people, “Look, its this scarf.

Its hanging around her neck now! Brother Feng, can you dare say it wasnt from you”

Feng Yang glanced at the scarf on Yun Xis neck and sneered.

“It was really not.”

The scarf hed given Yun Xi had had tassels, but this scarf didnt.

Although it also had a pink plaid pattern, he remembered that when showing it to him, the sales associate had said that the ones with the tassels were this years limited edition.

Yun Xi deserved the best things, and money was just a number to him.

When he said he hadnt given her the scarf, Yun Ziling clenched her fists and looked resentful.

Shed known that they wouldnt admit it easily, but she wasnt going to be fooled.

“My mother and I clearly saw you parked in front of our house that day.

Would you swear to God that you werent there”

“I am going to leave now.” Feng Yangs eyes got very dark, and his voice became extremely icy.

No one had ever dared to speak to him like this before!

Upon hearing him give up, Yun Ziling suddenly became even more smug.

She had no idea that she had just fallen into a trap.

She didnt even realize that she had unknowingly offended him.

“Look, you admit it yourself.

You still dare to say that youre not pursuing my sister If you dont like her, why give her such an expensive gift”

Feng Yangs mouth twitched.

Without answering Yun Zilings questions, he instead changed the subject to the source of the rumors.

“Because you saw that I gave her something, you have seized on this opportunity to arbitrarily spread outrageous rumors, saying that Young Master Feng has taken a fancy to the Yun familys eldest daughter.

This was all because you wanted to seize this opportunity to manipulate the Feng family, am I right”

“I…I didnt.

Its clear that you are in love with my sister.”

Yun Ziling was taken aback.

She hadnt expected an attack here, and she became so uneasy that she didnt know how to respond.

After all, the gossip had spread from their mouths.

However, she wasnt that worried because, regarding these sorts of things, it was impossible to trace it back to them even if someone wanted to investigate.

“Which eye of yours saw me in love with her You must have evidence before you slander me right”

When it came to the mention of slander, Liang Xiuqin suddenly became very anxious.

Even though she had been trying to slander the Feng family, she couldnt let others think that she was slandering them, otherwise, how could she have the face to live in the villa complex in the future

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