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Chapter 387: Secretly Talk to Brother Feng

Su Ximan walked through the crowd of gossiping wives and kicked Liang Xiuqin unceremoniously.

“Ah…” Liang Xiuqin fell to the ground again and wailed in pain.

“Old witch, who do you think you are How dare you try to snatch away my fiance for your daughter How shameless of you! Why dont you take a good look at your daughter and see if shes worthy enough Are we, the Su family, people the insignificant Yun family dares to offend”

Su Ximans shrill voice and her nasty words sounded especially harsh to Yun Xis ears.

Although she herself had now also gotten dragged into this mess, it felt gratifying to see her mother so humiliated.

Su Ximan was spoiled and did whatever she liked, but she also did whatever Feng Yang asked her to do.

People like her acted before thinking and were therefore easy to manipulate.

Just like now, Yun Xi had used her to deal with her mother, and Su Ximan really hadnt disappointed her.

With her arrogant attitude, she acted exactly as she wanted in front of others, but, in front of her future mother-in-law, it didnt leave a good impression.

Yun Xi didnt mind her dealing with the Yun family, and it was okay to attack Liang Xiuqin, but that didnt mean that Yun Xi herself must suffer.

After being reborn, Yun Xi absolutely would never allow herself to suffer again.

However, what Su Ximan had said was also the truth.

Given the status of the Su family among the four major clans in Jingdu, the Yun family really couldnt afford to offend them.

Shed asked Mu Feichi to notify Su Ximan to come, just because she wanted her mother to offend the Su family as well.

With both the Feng family and the Su family offended, she was dying to see how her mother was going to get out of the mess this time.

“Su, Miss Su…”

As soon as Yun Yuanfeng saw the arrogant Su Ximan, he realized that Liang Xiuqin had offended the Su family as well, and his humiliation was complete.

Liang Xiuqin reacted slowly.

She hadnt known that the Feng family was soon to become in-laws with the Su family.

If she had known, she would never have dared to try to use Feng Yang at all.

It was all over now, since even the Su family had been offended by her.

Yun Yuanfengs eyes went black, and he felt sure a disaster was imminent.

Su Ximan arrogantly turned her head and glanced at Yun Yuanfeng, then she snorted with disdain.

People like these were like ants to her eyes.

“How dare you offend the Su family Ill make you all pay for it.”

With that said, Su Ximan walked toward Ai Zhujun, as her expression suddenly changed into that of worry.

“Auntie Jun, are you okay Dont worry about these plebeians.

Dont get angry.

If you dont want to see them anymore, just kick them out of the villa complex.”

Yun Xi stood by watching Su Ximan, whose acting skills were enough to get her an Oscar.

She felt quite impressed.

Although Su Ximan was straightforward, she was also simpleminded and easily manipulated by others.

Her way of dealing with people and socializing was truly characteristic of the Su family.

Yun Xi lowered her eyes to prevent her mother from losing her senses and lunging toward her.

“Sister Yun Xi, youre here!” Feng Xifangs voice suddenly could be heard from the porch.

Feng Xifang had been hiding behind the door as shed watched the drama unfold, and only now had she come out.

“Come in, come in.

Youre so early.

I just woke up.”

When Liang Xiuqin saw that Feng Xifang really knew Yun Xi, she stared at Yun Xi in disbelief and felt like her forehead had received a blow.

“Impossible! How do you know Miss Feng”

Yun Ziling couldnt believe that there could be such a coincidence.

She and Feng Xifang werent in the same grade or the same class.

There were so many people who wanted to climb the social ladder through the Feng family, and she had had no chance to get close to Feng Xifang, let alone talk to her.

That wretched girl Yun Xi was in her third year of high school, and their academic buildings were so far apart.

How could they have gotten to know each other

Yun Ziling grit her teeth and glared at Yun Xi with envy and a ferocious expression on her face.

“Sister, Miss Feng and I are in the same grade, but even we dont get to see each other very often.

Youre in your third year while Miss Feng is in her second year.

Your classes arent in the same building.

When do you two get to see each other When you say you two know each other, arent you blatantly lying Perhaps you wanted to use Miss Feng as a cover to secretly talk to Brother Feng”

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