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Chapter 39: Ill Take You Home

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Chen Yichen smiled when he confirmed he hadnt recognized the wrong person.

His calm and expressive eyes reflected her inclined little face.

She was a complete mess on the street corner and looked like a homeless child.

The afterglow of the sunset shone in diagonally from the end of the street, and Yun Xis exquisite, tiny face was cast into sharp shadows under the sunlight.

There was a halo on her fair skin when she looked up at him without any ulterior motives whatsoever.

Her dark and thick eyelashes trembled slightly; she appeared like the most magnificent gem in the world.

As for the man standing before her—he was dressed elegantly in a white shirt with black pants, his figure tall and stately.

Yun Xi blinked.

The man in front of her was only a few years older than her, yet he already possessed the aura that belonged to a dangerous, lethal beauty.

He was elegant and gorgeous.

His aura was elegant, and his face was gorgeous.

He offered a hand to her and smiled devilishly.

Taking advantage of his older age, he didnt treat her as an outsider at all, “Little Yun Xi, are you homeless now”

“You really like to poke fun at peoples pains!” Yun Xi bit her lip in exasperation as she gave him a glare.

This guy was an angel one moment, then a devil in the next!

“Dont just stare off into space; get up! Ill take you home!”

He owed her for saving his life, and now that theyve run into each other again.

He felt that he needed to find an opportunity to properly repay her.

He wasnt one to have a habit of owing other people favors!

Yun Xi allowed him to help her stand up as she carefully studied the stitched up and dressed the wound on his neck.

She pointed to the wound and asked, “You dont need to stay at the hospital for observation”

“No.” Chen Yichen slowed his speech, “Why are you here Werent you supposed to go home”

Yun Xi shrugged helplessly when he mentioned this topic.

She turned to look at Jiang Wanyun walking over and nodded politely to her.


“Girl, didnt you go home” Jiang Wanyun walked over to them.

“I did go back, but my cousin came a day earlier and replaced me.

Now my mom is accepting her but rejecting me, so she thinks Im an imposter and that my cousin is her real daughter.”

The Jiangs were going to learn about this sooner or later, so Yun Xi didnt see anything she needed to hide.

“How could this be What kind of mother would refuse to accept her own child No matter what, how could she possibly accept the wrong child”

Jiang Wanyun also thought the whole incident was unbelievable; she had never actually met a mother who acted like that!

Yun Xi smiled wryly and gave a simple explanation of the events before selling them the reason why she was here.

“Madam, do you live here Can you take me inside I want to go to the Jiang family and speak to Grandfather Jiang.”

“The Jiangs” Jiang Wanyuns heart began to thump.

The Four Great Clans were the only ones living there, so the Jiangs can only be referring to her own family.

Yun Xi took out her jade pendant and looked at Jiang Wanyun helplessly.

“My grandfather hasnt come home yet, so no one can prove my identity.

I only have the jade pendant on me right now.”

Jiang Wanyun finally understood at the moment she saw the jade pendant.

The Yun family that Yun Xi was referring to was actually the same Yun family thatd had an arranged marriage with the Jiangs.

“So youre Yun Xi What a coincidence!”

Perhaps it was because Yun Xi had done the great favor of rescuing her son, but Jiang Wanyun was naturally inclined to believe her.

The girl was naive, and she didnt look like someone with ulterior motives.

Chen Yichen took the jade pendant and had a look at it.

His eyes darkened slightly when he recognized Yun Xis identity.

Hed never thought that she would be the eldest heiress of the Yun family who was in an arranged marriage with his cousin.

It was also because of this arranged marriage, established by his grandfather all those years ago, that hed often made fun of his cousin for being sold off before he was born.

But no one would have thought that the eldest heiress of the Yuns would actually be his savior!

“A coincidence Madam, what do you mean by that

Yun Xi blinked her eyes, yet she was fully aware that she could only play dumb at a time like this.

“My surname is Jiang, and I am Miss Jiang.

The Grandfather Jiang you are looking for is my father, and you are in an arranged marriage with my nephew.”


“Father had heard about Yichen getting injured, so he should be at the Chens home right now.

Come home with me! With my father there, he will make things right for you!”

No matter what, Yun Xi was considered a savior to the Chens, and that equated to being a savior of the Jiangs.

Her father wouldnt sit idly by if this kind of thing was happening.

Yun Xi glanced at Chen Yichen and nodded slightly.

With the Jiangs standing up for her, she wasnt worried about not being able to return to the Yun household.

She would make the Yuns personally come to escort her home!

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