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Chapter 390: They Dug Their Own Graves

No one could help in this situation.

Even if it were Yun Xi who was in this trouble, the result would be the same.

The Jiang family, the Chen family, and the Su family were all members of the four prominent clans.

They checked and balanced each others powers, and no one would offend one of them for the sake of the others.

Therefore, even if Yun Xi had gone to the Jiang and Chen families to beg for leniency for this incident, she wouldnt have gotten a positive result.

And the Feng family didnt owe the Yun family anything at all.

Now Madame Feng had put the word out: either they move out of the villa complex or the Feng family would have to move out of the villa complex.

The Feng family was the boss of the villa complex, so it was impossible for them to move out.

Therefore the insignificant Yun family would have to be the ones to move out.

Yun Xis grandfather had lived in the villa complex for most of his life, so forcing him to move out of the villa complex now was a huge blow.

Even if Yun Mingfeng bought him a villa for his retirement, he would still have trouble adapting to a move where he would have to live with his second son.

Most of those living in the villa courtyard were old buddies who had retired with him.

They have all been accustomed to socializing for 20 to 30 years.

Making him leave them was devastating.

Yun Yuanfeng felt like killing Liang Xiuqin to vent his anger.

Offending the Su family by trying to climb socially through the Feng family, she had ruined his future.

Not only hadnt she accomplished anything, now they were going to have to pay a huge price for their loss.

Liang Xiuqins stupidity and shamelessness were insufferable.

Yun Chuhan was sitting in the dining room and having breakfast while gleefully listening to her father beating her mother.

Her mothers sobs were like a symphony that made her feel especially refreshed.

Second aunt had just come back from watching the drama and had related an exaggerated version of the story, so Yun Chuhan had also gotten an understanding of the situation.

Very good, her mother had been set up by her eldest sister again.

How cunning of her eldest sister.

Not only did she set up her mother, but also made the entire Yun family suffer for it.

Yun Xi was cunning and cautious, so she knew that since Yun Xi dared to jeopardize the Yun family and her own future, she must have a backup plan as well.

As for how she would carry out her backup plan and in which direction, Yun Chuhan had no idea.

Of course, Yun Xi wouldnt lay her cards out for all to see.

In the less than three months since her return from the countryside, her mother had resorted to various means to try and deal with her, but had never succeeded.

Today, if she underestimated her eldest sister like Yun Ziling had, she would probably suffer the same misfortunes as her mother.

Liang Xiuqin had caused a huge scene today, and the Yun family might not be able to stay in the villa complex anymore.

Their second aunt had persuaded Grandpa to move in with them in a villa outside the neighborhood.

As for Yun Yuanfengs family, they had to clean up their own mess.

“Yun Xi, youre going to take your college entrance examination soon.

You should also move in with me, so this wont affect your academic future.”

Yun Ziling was terrorized, and she was wishing someone would lend her a helping hand.

But their second aunt only mentioned that wretched girl Yun Xi and didnt mention her at all, so she suddenly grew extremely anxious.

She was unwilling to become a beggar on the streets.

She would never be able to hold her head up high again.

Since her mother was in such a state, she was probably busy thinking about how to save herself and couldnt help her.

Therefore, she would have to make plans for herself.

Stepping forward, Yun Ziling looked at Yao Ying pitifully.

“Second aunt, I want to move in to live with you too.

I am a sophomore in high school, and its also a very crucial year for me.”

When Yao Ying saw Yun Ziling so desperate, she couldnt help but sneer at her.

“You and your mother made the Yun family like this, and you want me to take you in Do you think thats possible”

Nothing wouldve happened if they hadnt dug their own graves.

They still dont understand this truth, so this would be an opportunity for them to learn their lesson.

“My mother did all this, so what does it have to do with me”

In order to move into Yao Yings villa outside the villa complex, Yun Ziling sold out her mother.

Looking at the selfish Yun Ziling, Yao Yings contempt and disdain deepened.

She didnt feel any sympathy for such an ungrateful and selfish person.

Nor would she pity her.

Especially since Liang Xiuqin had bullied her for so many years.

At this moment, she had the long-awaited opportunity to finally be able to be smug in front of her.

The two of them deserved all of this.

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