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Chapter 392: Motive behind Her Return to the Yun Family

Although the Yun family wasnt large and didnt have much power, Yun Yuanfeng and Yun Mingfeng were wealthy, and they each handed 1 million yuan a year to the person in charge of the familys finances.

All the expenses in the family were paid by this person, although Yun Mingfeng paid the salary of the housekeeper separately.

Living expenses averaging more than 80,000 yuan a month had been at Liang Xiuqins disposal.

The water, electricity, gas, and grocery bills cost a few thousand yuan at most, so the rest of the money had gone into her pocket.

With such a large sum of money at stake, how could she not try to hold onto it

Yao Ying owned a company and had received a drug factory as a dowry.

Both of these companies were cash cows.

She had no shortage of money and couldnt care less about some trifling tens of thousands of yuan.

But for Liang Xiuqin, it was different.

She had no financial support and no family.

After the charity auction, she had no patrons either.

All the wealthy ladies that she used to have as clients avoided her now, and no matter how hard she tried, these relationships were irretrievably broken.

She had to attend social events with wealthy women in order to pave the way for Yun Zilings future, so she really couldnt save any money.

If even this little bit of pocket money was gone, then she and Yun Ziling would have to live frugally.

She was used to spending money lavishly, so of course she couldnt bear having to live frugally.

It would be so humiliating.

Grandpa Yun had been truly frightened moments before and hadnt quite recovered yet, so he didnt bother to pay attention to Liang Xiuqins plea.

“Ever since Yun Xi has returned, you have been causing trouble for this family, and this time it has been completely unforgivable.

Since you are unable to take good care of the family, Ill give the responsibility to my second daughter-in-law.

She can take care of this family and will have to come to this house more often.”

Yao Ying glanced at Liang Xiuqins livid face, and she felt gratified.

“Dad, I have been married to Mingfeng for many years, and our children have grown up.

Mingfengs illness was cured by Yun Xi this year.

We want to travel while were still young enough.

As for taking care of the Yun family, I will come during this period of New Years, but, once Yun Xi has finished her college entrance examination, I think it would be better to leave the charge of the household to Yun Xi.

For the present, she can stay with me and study and learn about running the household.

She is the eldest granddaughter and will become an adult next year.

Its time for her to take charge of the household.

What do you think”

The old man realized that it had been Yun Xi who was always helping the family resolve all the trouble that had happened recently.

Shed gone around asking for leniency and begging people to forgive the Yun familys errors, so she must have felt truly put upon.

She was the eldest granddaughter, and she indeed should take care of the household in the future.

During this period of time, she had dealt with social affairs in a very well-rounded manner, and the elders of the Jiang family and the Chen family had become very fond of her.

Her abilities werent inferior to any of her younger siblings in the family, and she was indeed the Yun familys eldest daughter.

Thus, it was right that she should take on these big responsibilities.

“Okay, well do as you suggest.

Yun Xi, during this time, stay with your second aunt and learn from her.”

Yun Xi nodded and didnt refuse.

“Okay, Grandpa.”

Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xiuqin.

That bitter look in her eyes was really gratifying.

Her mother had caused such huge trouble, and she didnt really care what her father would do with her.

Now that her second aunt was in charge, her mother shouldnt even think about regaining control.

It was never going to happen.

Things that had rightfully belonged to Yun Xi were going to return to her sooner or later.

The Yun family had become just an empty shell, containing scandalous figures like her mother and younger sisters.

But as long as Grandpa wasnt dead and the Yun family was in her hands, this family could get stronger, and she was going to have the final say about that.

Grandpa had just said that she could be in charge of the family, and she wanted to make it completely different.

When people in Jingdu mentioned the Yun family in the future, she wanted everyone to think of her, Yun Xi, instead of these others.

Even without having the advantage of being one of the four major clans, the Yun family could develop like the Feng family.

Then, the mention of the lady of the Yun family would give people qualms.

This was the motive behind her return to the Yun family.

The messy way the Yun family acted now wasnt what she wanted for the Yun family in the future.

Although she had said she would go to see Madame Chen, Yun Xi didnt really go to the Chen family for help.

As soon as she left the courtyard of the villa complex, she saw Qi Yuan waiting by his car on the side of the road.

She stepped forward and opened the door of the back seat and got in.

The car drove all the way to the Mu Mansion on the top of the mountain.

It wasnt appropriate for anyone to intercede if they had offended the Feng family, except for one person: the high and mighty Young Marshal Mu Feichi.

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