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Chapter 395: Three-Year-Old Mu, Can You Please Be More Mature

With a light sigh, he raised his hand and stroked her head once.

His thin lips were slightly pursed.

“Babe, Im not Sima Xiangru! I wont make you wait for me thousands of miles away, let alone ever make you feel helpless.”

His mellow voice had a sense of soothing warmth.

Out of his mouth, these two sentences from sad poems sounded like tender words of romance, and they could make someone tremble inside.

Romantic words from men couldnt be believed, even if they were indeed powerful and soul-stirring.

After blinking, Yun Xi concealed the emotions in her eyes, and her bleak eyes gradually became clearer.

The emotion that was about to explode when she saw the words “male phoenix seeks female phoenix” was suppressed.

She pushed him away, then tilted her head up and smiled, as she teased the solemn and domineering man in front of her.

“I didnt expect that Young Marshal Mu had also read Zhuo Wenjuns poems.

Which lovesick young girl wrote that to you”

“Babe, my gym teacher wasnt the one who taught me literature.”

Mu Feichi squeezed her pink cheeks.

“This is Zhuo Wenjuns most famous poem.

Didnt you learn this at school”

“No.” Yun Xi shook her head.

Schools usually didnt use these kinds of love poems for exams.

“Well, then, it must have been your gym teacher who taught you literature.”

With that said, they went over to see the housekeeper and the rest of the staff who had been waiting for a long time.

“Why did you bring me here”

Looking at the welcoming formation, if Mu Feichi wasnt the owner of this villa, then he was certainly a distinguished guest.

Mu Feichi glanced at her mysteriously and refused to reveal the reason.

Yun Xi got even more curious.

He dragged her all the way to the entrance of the villa.

“Master!” Tan Zhong, the butler of the villa, saw that his master had brought a woman here for the first time and hurriedly came forward to greet them.

Stepping forward, Mu Feichi unceremoniously introduced her to Tan Zhong, “Uncle Zhong, this is a distinguished guest, Miss Yun Xi, the future Madame.”

Tan Zhong was shocked by his masters domineering words.

He glanced at the little girl before him and felt both surprised and curious.

The little girl looked young.

Her eyes were clear, calm, and not arrogant.

Just standing there, she could make people feel her graceful and dignified aura.

Upon taking a closer look at them standing there made him realize that they seemed like a match made in heaven.

Thank God that in the future they wouldnt have to worry about whether the young master liked women.

The young master didnt play by the rules.

Not only did he bring over a woman, but he also declared that she was the future Madame of the Mu family.

Since hed declared that she was going to be the Madame so directly, it seemed that the Young Master was serious this time.

Looking at Yun Xi, the butler suddenly looked relieved.

After 100 years, they wouldnt have to worry about letting Madame Chongli down.

Yun Xi was self-composed, and she didnt appear to feel awkward from being stared at and admired.

After Mu Feichi had uttered the word Madame, the large group of men and women standing behind the housekeeper had turned their heads and stared at her.

Why, was she better looking than their master What a joke!

“Uncle Zhong, please dont listen to his nonsense.

Your young master was traumatized today and has no scruples when he speaks.

Dont take it seriously!”

Tan Zhong looked at her and a smile broke out on his old face.

“I understand, I understand! Its cold outside, so lets hurry up and go inside the villa.”

Just as Yun Xi raised her foot and prepared to escape, Mu Feichi reached his hand out quickly and grabbed her back into his arms.

Yun Xi turned her head to glare at him with annoyance and ground her elbow against his chest.

“Young Master Mu, youre so annoying.

Let me go!”


“Three-year-old Mu, can you please be more mature”



Just as he was about to step into the gates of the villa, Mu Feichi seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

He paused and turned his head to look at the arch at the entrance.

“Uncle Zhong, take off the plaque at the door.”

“Huh Why do you want to take it off all of a sudden”

“Our little Madame doesnt like it.”

“All right, Ill take it off immediately.”

Yun Xi looked at a loss for words.

Why did it have anything to do with her

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