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Chapter 396: Yun Xi Fell into the Pool

The entire villa was much more luxurious and retro than Yun Xi had imagined.

The royal-style buildings around the garden had overhanging arches, exquisite carvings, and vibrant colors.

Yun Xi felt as if she had stepped into a royal palace.

Walking out into the courtyard, she could smell a lovely fragrance of flowers in the air.

The design of the entire outside corridor was unique.

It was surrounded by channels of flowing water with small goldfish swimming around in them.

Climbing roses were planted on the ivy walls.

Even in this season, a few bright yellow roses could be seen on the branches.

At the entrance, several golden osmanthus flowers bloomed, and the air was filled with a fresh osmanthus fragrance.

The air here in the countryside was much better than the air in the city.

Yun Xi took a deep breath, and the fragrant scent made her feel refreshed.

This was the first time shed known that there was such a luxurious and gorgeous place in Jingdu.

After arriving at a hall off to the side of the courtyard, Uncle Zhong led the servants downstairs.

Yun Xi looked from the side hall toward the modern Chinese-style living room on the right.

This was the first time she had ever seen an indoor garden.

Yun Xi just followed Mu Feichi around the house.

“Young Marshal Mu, have you brought me here on a vacation”

After just spending a lot of time and energy dealing with her troublesome mother, she still had a lot of other loose ends to tie up.

Did Mu Feichi think she was in a holiday mood

Then, suddenly, Yun Xi was really taken aback.

There was an enormous swimming pool right inside the house.

The heat was on in the house, and the floor around the swimming pool even had floor heating.

The heating was trapped inside the room by floor-to-ceiling glass panes kind of like in a greenhouse.

The temperature inside the room was much higher than the temperature outside the room, and she even felt a little hot.

After taking off her coat, she looked around and moved away from the swimming pool.

“Can you swim” Mu Feichi took off his coat also.

He was only wearing a white sweater inside his coat.

The color white made him appear very elegant.

Compared with the dark green color that he wore most often, this color made him look like a handsome university student.

He saw her staring at him.

Her dazed expression made her appear like an adorable little pig.

“Babe, the star-struck look in your eyes makes me think that you have already fallen in love with me.”

He pinched her chin and raised up her head.

Yun Xi suddenly returned to her senses, coughed awkwardly, and turned her head away.

Blushing and embarrassed, she retorted, “No”.

After responding, Yun Xi looked at the rippling water in the pool.

She felt a nagging urge to escape.

As soon as she looked as if she was about to escape from the room, Mu Feichi dragged her back toward the pool.

“I knew you couldnt swim.

Why do you want to run away You act as if Im going to eat you.”

Yun Xi felt a little confused and found herself struggling desperately to get away from him.

“I dont want to learn to swim.

You put me down.”

D*mn it! She was afraid of water.

I hope he didnt expect her to know how to swim.

What she hadnt learned in her last life, she didnt expect to learn in this life.

Mu Feichi didnt realize what her problem was.

After all, it was cold out right now.

If she ever got attacked and thrown into the water in this kind of weather, she might end up getting sick.

Li Zilans words that day had reminded him that she was well-rounded in all skills, but in terms of swimming, a lifesaving skill at critical moments, he had never found out whether or not she had that skill.

That was why hed brought her to this place.

There was an indoor swimming pool and a hot spring.

He didnt need to worry about her getting too cold after being in the water.

However, now, watching the way she moved backward, he guessed that his premonition was right.

Sure enough, his little noisy thing in his arms really couldnt swim.

Holding the struggling little thing in his arms, he walked to the pool and held her up in the air.

Yun Xi lowered her head and saw that she was being held above the water.

Mu Feichi had a tight hold on her.

“Mu Feichi, put me down.

I dont want to learn how to swim.”

As a man who never played by the rules, upon seeing her calm down, instead of letting her go, he relaxed his grip.

With a splash, Yun Xi fell into the pool.

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