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Chapter 398: Muyun Villa

“Weve already slept in the same bed.

Which part of my body havent you seen before”

Yun Xi was annoyed by his shameless remark.

“Which part of your body have I seen before”

Except for when hed had an allergic reaction and shed had to clean his wounds, she had never looked at his body.

And that time, it had only been his upper body.

And she hadnt had any inappropriate thoughts at all at that time.

Shed treated him with all the respect a doctor would have for her patient.

There had been no romantic ambiguity.

Although she had appreciated many gorgeous men in her last life, she hadnt engaged in that behavior with Mu Feichi.

He really didnt play by the rules.

Who knew whether he was even going to take off his last piece of clothing in front of her

That would be too shameless.

However, this was exactly something he would be capable of doing.

If only to annoy her…

“Oh Do you have to sound so regretful Since you enjoy it so much, Ill give you a birds-eye view.”

He sat on the side of the pool and beckoned to her in a domineering way.

Yun Xi glanced at him and then looked at the distance between where she was standing and the opposite side of the pool.

She decisively chose to walk to the other side and climbed up, looking embarrassed.

Mu Feichi smiled as he watched her clumsy movements, and then he chuckled lightly.

“The bedroom is over on the right.

Theres a swimsuit in the closet.

Please change into one.”

“I dont want to learn today.” Standing on the side of the pool, Yun Xi twisted the water out of her hair.

“All right! I will ask Qi Yuan to deal with your matter in a few days so that your grandpa and his friends can stay worried for another day or so…”

“Oh, okay, shut up! Ill change into it now, all right”

Since she was asking him for a big favor, how could she not comply with what he wanted Also, he was doing it for her anyway.

After changing into a swimsuit, Yun Xi cautiously walked toward Mu Feichi.

It wasnt that she was being shy.

She was just afraid of accidentally falling in again.

That would be too embarrassing.

Mu Feichi didnt bother waiting for her to make up her mind.

He pulled her into the water and taught her how to hold her breath.

The temperature in the room was high, and the water in the pool was warm.

She became more serious and aware as she listened to him.

This was the first time that Mu Feichi had taught her survival skills himself.

Fast, accurate, and ruthless, his teaching methods were exactly the same as Li Zilans.

In order for her to learn to overcome her fear, he had cruelly thrown her into the water.

Now that he was teaching her himself, it was easy for her to memorize every essential action.

She had complete confidence in him, and she knew that he knew exactly what he was doing, so she learned much faster.


After getting out of the pool to answer his phone, Mu Feichi stood on the side watching his little rascal who had learned to dog paddle.

The expression on his handsome face was very tender.

“Get out now, and lets go eat.

After too much physical exertion, if you dont eat, youll get dizzy!”

Disregarding whether she wanted to or not, he went straight into the water and helped her out.

“Mu Feichi, I have feet, and I can walk by myself, so can you not carry me like Im an object”

Today, she understood why Jiang Chenghuan had once said, “You can fight without using your hands, and you can walk without using your legs.”

Mu Feichis physique and strength werent comparable to those of ordinary people.

Holding her felt like carrying a small dog.

She was so light that he didnt have to exert any strength at all

While others would lift their women up like princesses, he scooped her up like she was a little puppy.

“If youre uncomfortable, let me know, and we can change your position.”

As he said this, he threw her onto a soft couch.

The villa had had extra clothes prepared for her.

Yun Xi could smell a faint scent of cedar on the clothes.

They probably hadnt been worn by anyone for a long time.

She quickly put on a pink casual sweatshirt and rushed out of the room before Mu Feichi could come in.

The lunch at the villa was more sumptuous and delicious than she had expected.

After eating, Mu Feichi took her directly to the study.

The plaque on the door had been removed, and now the name and the inscription had to be changed.

Mu Feichi handed over that heavy responsibility to Yun Xi.

Having her sit at the desk, he spread out rice paper for her to write on.

Holding the brush, Yun Xi raised her head.

“You think of something simple and easy to remember.

If its too difficult, I wont know how to write it.

My handwriting is ugly, so dont blame me.”

“Muyun Villa.”

“…” The corner of Yun Xis mouth twitched.

He really didnt need to think about it too long in order to come up with these two words!

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