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Chapter 401: Chop Her into Pieces and Feed Her to the Dogs

“Before we start this conversation, I would like to ask, did Miss Yun beg you, the Eldest Heir, to personally plead for leniency on her behalf”

Chen Yichens eyes got very dark.

“I dont need her to beg me for this kind of thing, because I will help her no matter what.”

Su Ximan understood the situation now.

She hadnt expected that the impoverished Yun familys eldest lady had the ability to make the Eldest Heir personally come forward.

How extraordinary!

“If the Eldest Heir is here to talk about this, then we have nothing to say.”

Putting down her coffee cup, Su Ximan didnt beat around the bush.

Her attitude had always been overbearing and unreasonable.

“The Yun family offended not only the Su family, but also the Feng family.

The Feng family might let bygones be bygones this time, but that doesnt mean that the Su family is going to do the same.

Any woman who dares try to snatch a man from me, Su Ximan, is digging her own grave.

Su Ximan was tough, but Chen Yichen didnt back down either.

“There are no conditions that cannot be negotiated.”

“With me, if I say no, then that means no! Eldest Heir, its not that Im trying to make things difficult for you, but the Yun family got what it deserved.

The person who has stirred up all the trouble hasnt even asked for help yet, so what are you so anxious about”

“Helping her is my duty.”

Su Ximan laughed arrogantly, then looked at Chen Yichen with amusement and ridicule.

“I didnt expect the Eldest Heir to be such a romantic.”

“My business has nothing to do with you.

I am talking to you about the Yun family.

What can I do for you to let the Yun family off the hook”

Su Ximan shrugged, as if she didnt give a d*mn and didnt want to let the Yun family off the hook at all.

Her wealth and power had made her capricious.

“Eldest Heir, our four families have coexisted peacefully for many years.

Today, I dont want to offend you because of the Yun family.

Since you have personally pleaded leniency today, I have no choice but to let the Yun family off the hook.

However, some necessary punishment is unavoidable.”

Before shed gone out that morning, her father had repeatedly reminded her that she shouldnt offend the other three families because of this incident.

After all, the Jiang family and the Chen family were backers of the Yun family.

The Chen family had frequently shown support for the eldest lady of the Yun family, so their relationship obviously wasnt ordinary.

It wasnt even that big of a deal, but if, because of the Yun family, they offended the Chen family and the Jiang family, it would be the Su family who would suffer.

They didnt want this to happen.

Chen Yichen knew that this was the best concession he was going to get from the Su family, so he didnt pressure them any further.

“Okay, thank you.

Ill accept this favor from the Su family.”

Feng Yang stood up.

He didnt like to see Su Ximan troubling Chen Yichen, nor did he want to see Chen Yichen ruining Yun Xis plans.

“Eldest Heir, before you help her, have you ever thought that perhaps Yun Xi doesnt need your help”

As soon as Feng Yang started speaking, Su Ximans expression turned ugly.

Standing up abruptly, the arrogant young lady bit her lip to suppress her anger, because she didnt dare to vent her anger on him.

“You arent allowed to mention that girl.

Dont think I couldnt tell what really happened.

You and she colluded to play out that scene in front of your house yesterday.

If you dare to start to like her, I will chop her into pieces and feed her to the dogs.”

“Shut up!” Feng Yang wasnt afraid of her threats at all.

His cold, handsome face appeared indifferent to her and fearless.

“Are you done throwing your tantrum Even if you want to punish the Yun family, thats all in her plan.

Dont try to use this to set up other people.”

After listening to Feng Yangs words, Chen Yichen suddenly understood what had happened, and only then did he realize that he, blinded by resentment and jealousy, had forgotten many aspects of Yun Xis character.

Yes! That girl was so clever, so how could she not have prepared a backup plan for herself

How could Su Ximan have coincidentally become a witness, causing the Yun Family to offend not only the Feng family, but also the Su family.

She wasnt that careless, so shed obviously done it all on purpose!

Because of this, both Liang Xiuqin and Yun Yuanfeng had suffered the consequences.

She was planning to use the Su family to pressure Yun Yuanfeng so that he wouldnt let Liang Xiuqin back into the Yun family too soon.

Liang Xiuqin had now been kicked out of the villa complex and forced to live in the health club, which was a good thing for Yun Xi.

Without her mother, the Yun familys life would also be peaceful until her college entrance examination.

What a great strategy to kill two birds with one stone!

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