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Chapter 402: The Hunter Trying to Catch the Oriole

When he had finished speaking, Feng Yang turned around and left.

With his aloof, detached attitude, he made it clear that he had come to supervise Su Ximan on behalf of Yun Xi.

He was only making sure that Su Ximan wouldnt ruin Yun Xis plans.

No matter how stupid Su Ximan was, she still understood that this wretched girl from the Yun family had not only offended her, but also manipulated her.

She was conceited and clever, but she definitely hadnt expected that Yun Xi would use her own cleverness against her.

Su Ximan quickly chased after Feng Yang.

“Feng Yang, stop and wait for me!”

Unable to run fast on her high heels, Su Ximan stood at the door of the restaurant, panting slightly as she shouted for Feng Yang.

If she had known beforehand that he had only come for that wretched girls sake, she wouldnt have let him come with her.

Shed even planned on going on a rare date with him.

They couldve gotten coffee and gone to a movie.

Who would ever have thought that hed only come to monitor her for that wretched girls sake

“What did that girl ever give you to make you want to help her so much Im your fiancee, yet you turn a blind eye to the fact that she has used me.

You also helped her set me up.”

She was so angry.

She was his fiancee, yet he had chosen to help that girl of inferior status.

Who did the Yun family think they were They were just plebs, the lowliest existences in the villa complex.

Feng Yang paused slightly as he opened the door of the car and then turned to look at the woman whom he had once taken seriously.

“How did she manipulate you Did she force you to punish the Yun family, or did she force you to punish the Eldest Heir”

Su Ximans fuming rage still hadnt been vented, so his rebuff basically fueled the flames of her anger.

She became so enraged that she shook with anger.

“If you keep on helping her like this, arent you afraid that I wont help her deal with the Yun family, and instead Ill ruin her plans and allow her family to continue to cause trouble”

“That would also be in her favor.

The Yun familys crisis would be resolved by itself, and since your family wouldnt punish her, she wouldnt need to worry anymore.

She would basically kill two birds with one stone.”

“You…” Upon being humiliated by him like this, Su Ximan became further infuriated.

No matter whether or not they punished the Yun family, nothing would be a threat to that girl.

From beginning to end, she, Su Ximan, had only been a chess piece in Yun Xis scheme.

The current situation was that if Su Ximan punished Yun Yuanfeng by holding a grudge, then the pressure from the Su family would achieve the purpose of causing a rift between Yun Xis parents and discipline Yun Yuanfeng.

But if Su Ximan didnt punish the Yun Family, then the Yun Family would have no trouble at all, and she wouldnt have to worry about the Su familys using underhanded methods.

Yun Xi alone got all the benefits.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

She was the hunter who was trying to catch the oriole.

The more she thought about it, the more angry she got, and she stomped her feet in annoyance.

“Arent you afraid that Ill confront her If you dare start developing feelings for her, I will chop her into pieces!”

Feng Yang sneered, and he fired back without restraint, “She is smarter than you.

If you want to set her up, remember to dig a hole to bury yourself first so that you wont fall into her trap and be unable to climb out!”

“…” How could Su Ximan be willing to lose to Yun Xi, a little girl

“Get in the car and Ill take you home.

Arent you cold dressing like that in winter”

Feng Yang glanced at her and thought about Yun Xi, who wrapped herself up like a bear.

She wasnt like these heiresses, who were willing to endure the cold just to look good.

Showing her exquisite face and dazzling eyes when wrapped up like a ball made her look especially cute and endearing.

After Feng Yang opened the car door, he went back to the drivers seat and got in the car, regardless of whether she got into the passenger seat or not.

Su Ximan, who had originally been very angry, froze for a few seconds when he said this, and then she rushed into the car with a cheerful smile.

She knew he wouldnt abandon her.

Look, hed noticed that her legs were bare.

Although his words werent very pleasant to the ear, he still cared about her.

This stony-faced yet warm-hearted man was simply too adorable.

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