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Chapter 409: Let Them Torture Each Other

When Han Yaotian saw that she didnt respond, he mistakenly thought she assumed he was joking, and the expression on his handsome face suddenly became serious and earnest.

“Its cold outside.

How about we go eat and talk while we eat”

“I dont have the guts to get into your car, lest I get robbed and kidnapped again.

If Mr.

Han is sincere, then we can walk.

There is a place to eat near school and its food is very good.”

Since hed had the guts to come to see her, he must be mentally prepared to sacrifice his life.

If he didnt have the courage to get out of the car with all the bodyguards he had, then shed really overestimated Han Yaotians ruthless shamelessness.

Upon hearing what Yun Xi had said, Han Yaotians female secretary, who was sitting in the passenger seat, quickly stopped Han Yaotian.


Han, the outside world is too dangerous for you now.

If you want to eat, you should go to one of the hotels that our corporation runs.

Your safety is the most important thing.”

His secretary, Lin Wei, couldnt understand what this little girl was talking about, and she glared fiercely at Yun Xi.

Didnt she know the identity of the person in the car How could she expect someone of Mr.

Hans status to go to that sort of filthy place

Besides, they cant go to any unsafe places at all right now.

Yun Xi glanced at the woman sitting in the passenger seat.

Han Yaotian had come to see her many times, but this time hed unexpectedly brought his secretary along.

Lin Wei had been Han Yaotians longest-serving and most capable female secretary.

Yun Xi had heard that she was an alumna of Han Yaotians school, who he had scouted to work for him.

Whether in terms of capabilities or interpersonal skills, she was extremely skilled and no less capable than men.

She dealt with difficult clients, acted as a translator, and handled all the companys affairs with ease.

If Yun Xi hadnt personally known that Lin Wei was also involved with Han Yaotian, she would really have regarded her with high esteem.

After all, for a woman to not only oversee important projects, but also to become Han Yaotians right-hand assistant, she had to admit that Lin Wei was truly capable.

As long as there was a young and beautiful female secretary next to a man, any delusion, no matter how cheesy, could become a reality.

In her previous life, she had discovered that Lin Wei was having a romantic affair with Han Yaotian, and she had resorted to all kinds of means to get rid of Lin Wei.

She and Lin Wei were the people who knew Han Yaotian best, and they both knew where the others weaknesses lay.

Therefore, it hadnt been difficult for her to deal with Lin Wei.

There had been no need to provoke her.

In order to create strife, all shed needed were some little tricks to start burying a grudge inside of Han Yaotian.

It would be impossible for Han Yaotian to marry a woman like Lin Wei.

After all, no one wanted to be cheated on by his own woman.

Personal benefits were paramount, so Han Yaotian wouldnt choose a woman of no status, background, or value to him.

But Yun Xi hadnt expected that after shed gotten rid of Lin Wei, Qiao Ximin had appeared.

In this life, she didnt need to deal with Lin Wei.

She would simply let her and Qiao Ximin torture each other in the future.

Making Ximin suffer would be very gratifying.

“Please get in the car.

We have already reserved a place to eat.

Asking President Han to apologize to you in such a small place wouldnt show our sincerity, right”

This naive and ignorant little girl couldnt be taken seriously.

If it werent for the fact that Mr.

Han said that she might be able to help them, would they even waste time waiting for her at the school gate

“Sincerity” Yun Xi smirked mockingly.


Han doesnt even have the guts to get out of the car when talking to me.

This is sincerity Also, shouldnt I be the one choosing a place I like for the meal If you cant even respect me, how can this be a sincere apology I guess we have nothing to talk about.”

Yun Xi raised her chin and looked at the man in the car.

Her eyes were cold, arrogant, and completely uncompromising.

Her assertive and willful demeanor made her appear especially dazzling and radiant.

Han Yaotian couldnt help but narrow his eyes.

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