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Chapter 412: Verify His Stance

His facial features were handsome and well-defined.

His narrow eyes were icy, and his eyebrows were fierce.

When his gloomy eyes fell on the dining room directly in front of him, Yun Xi suddenly felt a chill go up her back.

Seeing the figure slowly walking toward them, Yun Xis nerves tightened.

Such an overbearing aura!

Hearing movement outside, Han Yaotian turned his head and saw a figure walking toward them.

Pleasantly surprised, although caught off guard, he quickly stood up to greet him.

“Young Marshal Mu, why are you here”

He was so surprised to see Young Marshal Mu in this restaurant.

As if he hadnt even seen Han Yaotian, Mu Feichi walked to the other side of the table and pulled out the chair beside Yun Xi and sat down.

He leaned against the back of the chair arrogantly and crossed his long legs as he looked at the man who was now sitting across from him.


Han has a lot of spare time lately You have time to come all the way to such a place to eat Has the Han family finished cleaning up all the mess they made”

His mellow voice was low and magnetic, but, for some inexplicable reason, his raised pitch gave off a tone of warning.

As soon as Mu Feichi arrived, Yun Xi immediately grew quiet.

Despite Han Yaotians overjoyed expression, Mu Feichi had immediately mentioned a mess as soon as he opened his mouth.

Wasnt that basically raining on Han Yaotians parade

How characteristic of Young Marshal Mu.

If he doesnt want to talk nonsense with you, he wont even give you a chance to speak.

“Young Marshal Mu…I, may I talk to you alone”

Han Yaotian glanced at Yun Xi, who was sitting next to Mu Feichi.

He didnt expect that he would get to see Mu Feichi so soon.

He was at a loss for words at this moment.

He really couldnt discuss the Han familys personal matters, especially in front of Yun Xi.

Worried about missing out on this opportunity, he looked at Yun Xi with distress.

Hed originally wanted to ask her to go outside, but Mu Feichi glanced over coldly, and, before he got the chance to open his mouth, Mu Feichi spoke first.

“She isnt an outsider.

If its about the Han familys trouble, then you dont need to say anything more.

I dont have the spare time to take care of your familys mess.”

If he doesnt intervene, that means he wont interfere, and he wont investigate the Han familys connection with Crocodile.

As long as he doesnt interfere, then they can slowly fill the hole by themselves.

But if the shady dealing of trafficking drugs with Crocodile gets exposed, that would be taboo for the Mu family.

The Han family would immediately be disgraced, and all of them would lose everything overnight.

Upon hearing him say this, Han Yaotian was slightly relieved.

His father had indeed been right.

To maintain the four major clans balance of power dynamic, Mu Shao wouldnt attack them so easily.

The reason hed wanted to see him was also to verify his stance on this issue.

“Then…that kidnapping incident…”

He had been passed out on the day he was kidnapped, so he didnt know what had happened afterward.

His father had handed over the list and the batch of goods.

At first, they hadnt known who theyd handed it to.

Later, theyd received a call to ask them to deliver the goods, and theyd realized that the list and the goods had been given to the wrong person.

There were only a few people who had known about it, so they could only guess that the stuff might have fallen into Young Marshal Mus hands.

It was safer for the stuff to be in his hands rather than other peoples hands, but such a large sum of money had been squandered, so it was also a heavy loss for the Han family.

As soon as hed opened his mouth, Mu Feichi knew what he was about to say, so he directly stopped him by saying, “Do you still want to get the things back from me”

“No, no…I didnt mean that…”

Even if they were in anguish over their financial loss, they dared not ask for it back from him.

If they got the things back, Crocodile would definitely find them to settle accounts again, and at that time no ones safety could be guaranteed.

But if the things were in Young Marshal Mus hands, Crocodile might not trouble Young Marshal Mu since, after all, there was a huge gap in power between them.

However, they might still cause some trouble for the Han family.

In this catch-22 situation, they could only hope that Young Marshal Mu would catch Crocodile and solve this big problem soon.

Otherwise, none of them could be at peace at all.

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