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Chapter 413: Arrogant, Domineering, and Didnt Care about Other Peoples Opinions at All

Yun Xi was sitting quietly, looking at the menu, while listening to Mu Feichi trap Han Yaotian.

She bit her tongue to suppress her laughter.

He was probably the only person who had the ability not to blush and to act so self-righteously when trapping someone.

No, he wasnt trapping him… He was openly swindling him.

Moreover, no one dared object to his swindling.

“Since thats not what you want, get out of here! The Han family better keep a low profile from now on and clean up their mess.

If you stir up trouble again, no one will be able to help you.”

“I know…”

Han Yaotian nodded vigorously.

Although Young Marshal Mus attitude seemed to be ambiguous, hed also gotten the answer that he wanted today.

As long as Marshal Mu doesnt trouble the Han family, the Han family can slowly recover.

As for the troublesome Crocodile… Han Yaotian didnt think Young Marshal Mu would turn a blind eye to him.

Since the Han family was safe for the moment, it meant that there was still room for maneuvering.

Han Yaotian was about to leave, but Yun Xi smiled and said, “Hey, why are you making President Han leave He said hed treat me to dinner.

Now hes going to leave before we eat”

“Um…” Han Yaotian had really only wanted to see Young Marshal Mu to test the waters.

Now that he had seen who hed wanted to see, he didnt care about the meal anymore.

Although he didnt care about the meal, Yun Xi, who he had tried to use to get to Marshal Mu, had no intention of letting him off the hook.


Han, as soon as Young Marshal Mu got here, youve only focused on talking to him.

Dont tell me that your ulterior motive behind sincerely coming to apologize to me was to see Young Marshal Mu If thats so, you really have underestimated me.”

Yun Xi squeezed the disposable water cup in her hand and glared at Han Yaotian with a cold and piercing gaze.

When she said that, Han Yaotian immediately became entrapped in another catch-22 dilemma.

He felt so awkward that he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He had no idea what to do.

If he left now, he would basically be acquiescing in her charge of having exploited her.

Then he couldnt even think about apologizing in the future.

If that happened today, he would become her enemy.

“Miss Yun has misunderstood me.

I did come to apologize to you with sincerity today.

I was really upset that I dragged you into danger last time.”

In front of Young Marshal Mu, he had to keep up the act until the end.

No matter how foolish he seemed, he couldnt fail to realize that Young Marshal Mu had appeared here today because of the girl.

He was surprised that this girl was that important to Young Marshal Mu.

“Really” Yun Xi smirked mockingly.

Her soft voice was slightly raised, and it sounded especially gentle.

It was obviously a satirical rhetorical question, but when said with her soft voice, it sounded especially coquettish to Mu Feichis ears.

“Of course.” Han Yaotian nodded affirmatively.

“Its just that asking Young Marshal Mu to eat in a place like this seems too crude.

I hope Young Marshal Mu isnt offended.”

This place had been chosen by the girl, so Young Marshal Mu couldnt blame him for lacking judgment.

“Did I agree to eat here”

Mu Feichi glanced at Han Yaotian coolly, pulled Yun Xi from the chair by her wrist, and walked directly outside.

This was Mu Feichis MO.

He was arrogant, domineering, and didnt care about other peoples opinions at all.

Han Yaotian awkwardly watched the two of them leave, and his face suddenly darkened.

Mu Feichis attitude had clarified everything.

He was willing to come and see him, but it didnt mean that he would do him a favor or eat with him.

Mu Feichi got into his car parked on the roadside so swiftly that the bodyguards who were watching were taken aback.

This was the difference between a real man and bodyguards.

Han Yaotian stood at the door.

The wind was rustling outside, but he felt a shameful sense of humiliation.

The inferiority complex and humiliation brought about by the insurmountable gap between men of different calibers were overwhelming.

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