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Chapter 415: PDA

The car finally stopped in front of the landmark Jingdu Seven Stars Hotel.

Mu Feichis bodyguard got out of the car first.

Even before getting out of the car, Yun Xi felt a sense of oppression.

She was a little taken aback and turned to look at the man sitting next to her.

She rarely saw him traveling with bodyguards.

Who was he here to see

“What are we doing here”

The Seven Stars Hotel in Jingdu was considered the most luxurious hotel owned by the Mu family corporation, and its guests were all important figures.

Since hed come here with a large contingent, he wasnt here to meet ordinary people, right

“Im going to meet someone.

You can eat something.

Sit and be good while you wait for me.”

After getting out of the car, Mu Feichi turned sideways and stood in front of Yun Xi.

Then he leaned over and placed her hand on the collar of his coat.

“Help me see if my collar is crooked.”

“…” With exasperation, Yun Xi looked at the man who had deliberately asked her to help arrange his clothes.

He wasnt wearing a tie today.

She wondered if he had been wearing one, would he have asked her to tie his tie in public

She had never seen anyone flaunt in public like this.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan got out of the car to follow Mu Feichi.

Feng Rui coughed slightly as he watched these two people showing PDA.

“Young Marshal Mu, do you have to flaunt PDA so early in the day Sooner or later, youre going to receive backlash about it.”

The cocky Young Marshal Mu glanced over at Feng Rui with a fearless expression on his face.

“As if Im afraid of backlash”

“…” Yun Xi quickly closed the collar of Mu Feichis coat to satisfy his desire for PDA.

Mu Feichi looked down at the soft little rascal in front of him.

With her eyes downcast as she arranged his clothes for him, she appeared to be perfectly suited for the role of the Mu familys madame.

He couldnt help but feel tranquil inside.

For some inexplicable reason, he felt a sense of anticipation for the future.

Qi Yuan patted Feng Rui on the shoulder and kindly reminded him, “People who interrupt other peoples PDA also risk backlash as well.”

At the entrance of the hotel, the manager, who had received the news of Mu Feichis arrival beforehand, was already waiting there.

When he saw Mu Feichi coming, he rushed forward to greet him.

Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at Yun Xi in the car and told the manager, “Take Miss Yun to the restaurant and dont neglect her.”

“Yes, Young Marshal Mu.” The manager rushed toward Yun Xi, making a polite gesture, and then turned around politely and led her to the restaurant, which was on the left side of the hotel.

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi, who nodded slightly, then raised his hand to look at the watch on his wrist.

“Ill be there soon.

Order whatever you want for yourself.”

“Okay.” Yun Xi nodded and turned to follow the manager.

Mu Feichi quickly collected himself.

His handsome face resumed its usual serious and sullen expression as he led Feng Rui and Qi Yuan to the elevator on the other side of the hotel.

After entering the restaurant, Yun Xi found that the other guests were staring at her curiously as soon as shed entered.

She had just remembered that this was a very fancy hotel, and people who came to eat here had to dress accordingly.

She was wearing a casual down coat, trousers, and boots.

No matter how one looked at her, she looked like a dishwasher from the hotel kitchen.

Walking among this group of guests who were all dressed formally, she appeared especially out of place.

The manager had seen it all, so knowing that she was a guest of Mu Feichi, he dared not neglect her.

When the guests saw the lobby managers respectful guidance toward a dishwasher, they were shocked.

They looked at Yun Xi with even more incredulity and curiosity in their eyes.

Yun Xi found a seat by the window, then took the menu from the manager as she raised her head and smiled politely.

“You can attend to Young Marshal Mu now.

I can order the food by myself.”


Please do whatever you see fit.” The manager called the waiter over and went out of the restaurant.

Yun Xi flipped through the menu and ordered Yangzhou fried rice.

When she raised her head, she noticed a woman sitting diagonally across from her staring at her.

The Han family were all here, including the old man of the Han family and Han Yaotians sister-in-law, the youngest heiress.

In her last life, when she had been with Han Yaotian, she had suffered quite a lot at the hands of this elder.

Upon seeing her again, Yun Xi was caught a bit off guard.

She really hadnt expected to see the Han family again so soon after being reborn.

Ill-fated relationships of past lifetimes were really hard to let go of.

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