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Chapter 417: If Han Qin Didnt Suffer, Shed Make Trouble for Yun Xi in the Future

“What business is this of yours”

“You…little girl…dont be so shamelessly ungrateful.

If you tell me where Young Marshal Mu is, you can ask me for whatever you want, and I will do what I can to help you.”

Yun Xi sneered at her.

“Who do you think you are Why should I be grateful toward you Anyway, being grateful toward you wont benefit me in any way.”

Han Qin had spoken to her in such a condescending manner that it was really as if she regarded herself as a princess.

In order to establish connections with the Han family, other people kissed up to her and pampered her, but Yun Xi definitely wasnt going to do that.

She wouldnt even yield to Mu Feichi if she didnt want to.

Thus, for someone of Han Qins status to put on airs in front of her was ridiculous.

Even if Mu Feichi had been here, if he didnt want to see Han Qin, she wouldnt have been able to see him.

“You! Do you know who I am How dare you talk to me like this.”

Yun Xis unappreciative attitude antagonized Han Qin, and her haughty face immediately turned ugly.

She was used to acting proud and haughty, and, because of her status, all the other heiresses in Jingdu kissed up to her and didnt dare to offend her.

And now this little girl was sitting in front of her daring to talk to her like this.

She was simply digging her own grave.

If she hadnt thought that she could get news of Young Marshal Mu from Yun Xi, she wouldnt have wasted any time on her.

Yun Xi shrugged her shoulders fearlessly.

Her pretty, innocent little face had an expression on it that showed she couldnt care less what Han Qins status was.

“What does your status have to do with me If you want to see Young Marshal Mu, you can find him yourself.

I dont know you, so why should I tell you”

“You…” Han Qin was so infuriated that she was practically fuming.

She had never seen such an ungracious little girl.

She was clearly impoverished and had just passed up such a good opportunity to do better in the world.

How could she be so shameless

Han Qin was so angry.

She had never seen such an ignorant plebeian.

“Just you wait, young lady.

Since youve dared to offend me, I will make you pay for this.”

Han Qin thought that such a threat would make a powerless poor girl like Yun Xi, who rarely came to hotels for dinner, frightened into obedience.

But she was in for a big surprise.

“Then bring it on! I am going to eat my dinner now, so you better go back to your table and eat your own dinner, because otherwise I might eat it myself since Im extremely hungry.”

The waiter had just brought her Yangzhou fried rice.

As Yun Xi glanced at Han Qins ferociously angry face, she was in an extremely good mood.

Han Qin clenched her fists, snorted coldly, and got up to go back to her own table.

As she was walking past Yun Xi, she deliberately hit Yun Xis left hand.

Yun Xi reacted after being deliberately bumped into.

Her hand bent at a weird angle, and even though she had been bumped into by Han Qin, the angle of her hand thrust the teacup that was supposed to have been thrown onto her coat onto Han Qins thigh.

Han Qin wanted trouble, right Then Yun Xi had to make sure she got it.

There was no way Han Qin was going to set her up while emerging uninjured herself.

If she didnt teach Han Qin a lesson and make her suffer a little, she wouldnt feel leery about making trouble for her in the future.

Following Yun Xis gesture, the hot milk tea that had just been delivered to the table sprinkled all over Han Qins legs.

In winter, the young heiresses in Jingdu liked to wear short skirts with long coats over their bare legs.

Their legs looked beautiful, but the heiresses actually were extremely cold all the time.

When the cup of hot milk tea spilled onto her legs, Han Qin screamed in pain.

She hadnt expected the tea to be splashed so inaccurately and had thought she could avoid being burned by any tea that splashed because it would fall on her coat.

She had definitely not expected that all the hot milk tea would be splashed on her bare legs.

The burning pain made Han Qin wince and scream loudly.

Yun Xi glanced at Han Qin, who had fallen right into her trap, and she narrowed her eyes as a cold gleam flashed through them.

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