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Chapter 419: Overbearing, Protective, and Unreasonable

Upon hearing the voice, everyone turned their heads.

Three arrogant figures were standing very tall and straight on the aisle between the tables, and a black coat hung over the shoulders of the leader, Mu Feichi.

His long silhouette gave off a noble, overbearingly domineering aura.

His chin was proudly raised, the bridge of his nose was high, and there was some worry evident in his eyes as they fell on Yun Xi.

Yun Xi cocked her head slightly to meet his deep eyes.

There seemed to be a gleaming light in his eyes, and it made her feel as if fireworks were exploding above her head.

He had arrived in such a timely manner that there had been no time for her to have any fun.

Now that Mu Feichi had come, it was none of her business anymore.

After all, the real purpose of Han Qins antagonizing her had been to meet Mu Feichi.

Now that her goal had been met, and he had come, the consequences would depend on Young Marshal Mus mood.

If he was displeased, everyone would suffer, even Yun Xi.

Upon seeing Mu Feichi, Han Qin couldnt stand her disheveled appearance anymore.

She frantically tried to wipe away the rice from her face.

With her eyes red, she inched toward Mu Feichi with an aggrieved expression on her face.

Before she could approach him, Qi Yuan and Feng Rui moved to stand in front of him and stopped her.

Mu Feichi stepped forward, pulled Yun Xi toward him, and, with a calm expression, checked to see if she was injured.

Unexpectedly, he found a slight bloody cut on her neck made by the shards of porcelain flying from the plate, and his dark eyes immediately grew cold with rage.

“Are you okay” His expression distressed, he raised his hand and stroked her wound.

“No, Im fine… Its nothing…”

When his cold fingertips touched her neck, she felt a slight pain.

Upon touching her hand, he saw that there were faint bloodstains on her fingertips.

She probably had just been scraped by the shards so she hadnt noticed.

When Han Qin saw Mu Feichi walking straight toward Yun Xi without even looking at her, she grew livid with rage.

She was the one who had been injured moments before, yet hed completely ignored her.

Han Qin resisted the urge to rush forward and slap Yun Xi in the face.

She grit her teeth and gazed at the man she lusted after.

Her fingers digging into her palm as she resisted her urge almost pierced her flesh.

“Young Marshal Mu…” She called him in a low voice, then glared at Yun Xi with jealousy and resentment in her eyes.

Mu Feichi turned his head.

His expression instantly became extremely cold.

“Do you want an explanation Now that youve seen me, do you want me to explain it to you”

His gloomy voice was cold to the core, and everyone present couldnt help but shiver.

“Young Marshal Mu…” Mu Feichis extremely intimidating eyes made Han Qin feel a little cowed.

She didnt dare to try to force an explanation.

Shed only said that because she wanted to give Yun Xi trouble.

Upon seeing him now in the flesh, of course she didnt have the audacity to demand any explanation.

All she had really wanted was just an excuse to see him.

“That little b*tch made me like this.

She almost disfigured me and even burned my legs.

How could she be so vicious at such a young age”

The words little b*tch had undoubtedly crossed Mu Feichis bottom line, and the chilliness in his cold eyes became frightening..

Mu Feichi stepped back slightly, then took a glass of red wine from another table, and poured it all over Han Qins face.

With a splash, Han Qins face was covered with red wine.

When the rice grains and makeup on her face mixed together, in an instant, her entire face became as colorful as an artists palette.

Mu Feichis eyes flashed coldly, and his thin lips curled up slightly.

“Didnt you say you were disfigured I couldnt see clearly, so wipe yourself clean and show me.”

Yun Xi was taken aback by Mu Feichis actions.

By being so ruthless, he was basically adding fuel to the flames.

“…” Han Qin was stunned when her face was splashed with red wine.

No matter how foolish she was, she could tell that Mu Feichi had obviously done it on purpose.

Upon being humiliated in public, she immediately started crying from indignation.

Standing there with her tears mixed with red wine, she seemed sheepish and miserable.

When Yun Xi looked at Han Qin, then at the overbearing, protective, and unreasonable man in front of her, she inexplicably felt extreme pleasure inside.

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