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Chapter 420: Digging Her Own Grave

Actually, Yun Xi really felt like chiding him for immaturely stirring up trouble instead of resolving the issue.

However, at the same time, she had to praise him for this gratifying scene.

This was exactly the way Mu Feichi dealt with things.

Even if there was a reasonable way to deal with an issue, if he was displeased, he wouldnt waste his time blabbering nonsense.

“Why cant you wipe yourself clean” Mu Feichi snorted and turned to Feng Rui.

“Feng Rui, bring water to Miss Han and let her clean herself up.

I dont want her to be more miserable and blame me for not allowing her to give an explanation.”

“…” Han Qin shivered after hearing this.

She was so scared out of her wits that she even forgot to cry.

She knew that Mu Feichi didnt mean anything good by that sentence.

As soon as shed said that she was disfigured, hed poured red wine on her face and then told her to wipe it clean.

If he was going to bring her water, perhaps it was a pot of boiling hot water.

After a pot of hot water was poured over her head, she would be permanently disfigured even if she hadnt really been disfigured in the first place.

The man in front of her was so terrifying that she suddenly regretted antagonizing him.

She shouldnt have said that she wanted him to explain anything to her before.

She shouldve just gone and beat up that little b*tch.

Demanding an explanation from Young Marshal Mu of the noble Mu family was basically like digging her own grave.

“Yes, sir, Young Marshal Mu,” Feng Rui answered.

Han Qin suddenly screamed just as Feng Rui was about to leave to get the water, “No! No need! Im not disfigured! I wasnt careful, Young Marshal Mu… Young Marshal Mu, you dont need to explain anything to me…”

Panicked and sheepish, Han Qin stepped back, completely mortified.

She looked toward Mu Feichi with eyes full of infatuation and terror.

She was afraid of him, afraid of his iron-fisted power over a prominent clan.

He was someone even Satan feared, yet she was also consumed with desire for everything about him: his dominance, his omnipotence, his unparalleled handsome looks, and his distinguished background that all men envied.

All in all, in her mind, no man could compare with him.

But this man was defending this little b*tch today.

Han Qin clenched her fists and bitterly glared at the little b*tch who was being protected by the man she loved most in the world, and she was overwhelmed with jealousy and hatred.

“Since you dont need an explanation, lets settle this account now.” Mu Feichi rolled his eyes coldly.

“You hurt my people.

How will you explain that to me”

“I…” Han Qin glared at Yun Xi bitterly and moaned to herself.

Shed had her leg burned by that b*tch too, all right

“If you dont plan to give me an explanation, then I can only go to the Han family for an explanation.”

“…” With an aggrieved expression on her face, Han Qin paled and grit her teeth.

She had obviously been the one whod suffered, yet Mu Feichis words made it sound like this little b*tch had been wronged.

What could she do

The Han family has been in constant trouble lately.

If Mu Feichi really went to them for an explanation, she might become the second Han Wanling.

She didnt want to leave Jingdu.

If she left Jingdu, she would have nothing, let alone any ability to win him over.

She was unwilling to give up, but she realized she had to compromise in the face of reality and power.

The Han family was no match against him at all, let alone the Mu family behind him.

Han Qin took a deep breath and swallowed her grievances.

Because of this huge effort she was making at forbearance, her face looked particularly hideous.

“Young Marshal Mu…then what do you want to do My leg was burned by her…”

Shed wanted to say that they were even, but Mu Feichis cold eyes made her swallow her words.

Mu Feichi didnt speak.

He turned his head to look at Yun Xi and directly handed her the decision.

“She hurt you, so what do you want to do”

Yun Xi glanced at Han Qin, then said airily, “Since her leg was also accidentally burned, lets call it even.”

She knew that with Mu Feichis personality, he definitely wouldnt let it go.

She realized that they might as well let bygones be bygones, otherwise it wouldnt be good for any of them if things got blown completely out of proportion.

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