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Chapter 423: Cautious and Conscientious

The day before the operation, Yun Xi went to the hospital to confirm the details and the plans for the operation.

Professor Joseph admired Yun Xis cautious and conscientious character and made space in his busy day to meet with her and discuss the surgery plan.

With dazed expressions, several other experts and professors in the hospital watched them communicate in English.

Explaining all the professional jargon in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, Yun Xi acted as Professor Josephs interpreter for the family.

Early the next morning, as Yun Xi came out of the villa complex after breakfasting, Mu Feichis car was already there, waiting for her.

In contrast to everyone else, who seemed worried and full of anxiety, Mu Feichi was calm.

At the hospital, he stood in the hallway and watched her come out of the sterilization room in a green surgical costume.

With her hands slightly raised before her chest, she walked down the empty hallway.

Step by step she walked, with no timidity or hesitation.

She was destined to walk down this road alone.

As he stared at her proud and solitary figure, he felt a mixture of anguish and pride.

In the car that day on the way to the hospital, hed asked her why she felt that she had to do this operation, but, in reality, he had already guessed her motive.

Whether it was for him or for herself, this was the beginning of her career as a doctor.

After taking this first step, she would be able to proudly live her life as she wanted to from now on.

Just in case, the hospital had arranged for several other experts and professors to watch the operation.

Theyd said that they were there just as a precaution, but theyd actually wanted to see with their own eyes how to conduct this operation that had never been successfully completed before.

If successful, then this would be a new record and a breakthrough in their hospital.

The dean and the family members were waiting outside in the hallway.

Everyone waited for the results of the operation with tense nerves.

Three hours later, the lights in the operating room went out.

The dean and the family anxiously rushed to the door of the operating room as they nervously watched Professor Joseph open the door.

“How did the operation go”

Professor Joseph took off his mask with excitement and said to the dean in broken Chinese, “Thank God! The operation was a success! I was able to work very well with Miss Yun, and I would be happy with her becoming my assistant.”

“Thank you, Professor Joseph.” The dean shook hands with Professor Joseph and turned to see Yun Xi coming out of the operating room.

“Miss Yun, thank you, too.

Thank you for all your hard work.

You have achieved a successful breakthrough for our hospital.”

Yun Xi took off her mask.

Only now that she had left the operating room did she start to feel relieved.

After three hours of surgery, she felt very thankful that her hands hadnt started to shake holding the scalpel.

Standing at the operating table again after so many years, she had felt that her state of mind from her previous life had gradually overlapped with her present self.

The moment shed picked up the scalpel, shed felt fearful of nothing.

Turning her head, she looked toward the figure standing by the window.

At that moment, he also looked toward her.

A few meters away, she felt that he was the only one in her sight.

She couldnt hear the noises beside her or the familys excited expressions of gratitude.

All she saw was his tall, straight figure.

Those eyes, which were usually clear and deep, were filled with ambivalent emotions that she couldnt understand.

His thin lips were slightly pursed.

When the usually proud man gazed at her, she felt as if his eyes could suck her in.

Reason clamored for her to look away quickly, but her eyes didnt listen.

She felt joy from the bottom of her heart.

The operation had been successful, and she was now qualified to perform the operation on the Si familys madame.

If there were no accidents, she could save this favor for him to use in the future.

She would repay her debts to him tenfold.

However, what she didnt know was that at this moment Mu Feichi had the urge to weep.

His little woman had tried so hard to earn a debt for him that could turn out to be lifesaving some day.

This hardworking little rascal made him feel as if his heart was aching, but also made him so proud that he wanted people all over the world to see her shine.

He was overjoyed that she was willing to make sacrifices for him and willing to walk toward him.

This woman, who was destined to accompany him as he rose to the top, had already taken the first step.

He wasnt alone on this road.

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