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Chapter 424: Treat Me to Some Food

With just one operation, Yun Xis name spread throughout the medical circles in Jingdu.

After the news that the operation had been successful, Yun Xi received a personal call from the head of the Si family.

Yun Xi wasnt surprised that the news had spread so quickly.

After all, the wife of the Si familys patriarch was still waiting for this operation in order to save her life, so there was a lot of attention being paid to this issue.

“Okay, I see.

Later, I will come to the Si familys mansion with Professor Joseph and talk to you in person.”

After hanging up the phone, Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi and stretched.

Her clear eyes sparkled.

“Im so hungry, Young Marshal Mu.

Treat me to some food.”

“All right, what do you want to eat” Mu Feichi responded, with a soft, mirthful expression in his eyes, .

“Spicy hot pot.”

“No way.”

“Mandarin duck pot.”

“Is there a difference”

“Butter Hot Pot.”

“You can only eat spicy food once a week.

Dont even think about it at other times.”

“Youre so stingy.

Its not like you cant afford to eat hot pot.”

“If youre going to become a doctor, you should know that you cant eat a lot of that kind of stuff.”

“Eating hot pot in winter is the most satisfying.”


Lets go to Jinding.”


No one could change what Mu Feichi had decided.

In the end, Yun Xi could only follow him to Jinding for dinner.

The patriarch of the Si family had been waiting at the Si family mansion since the early morning.

Upon seeing Yun Xi, the first thing he said wasnt about the operation, but to tell her that his wife wanted to see her.

She wasnt surprised that Madame wanted to see her.

She coincidentally also wanted to talk to Madame about her coming operation.

Regardless of whether the patriarch of the Si family would agree to let her undergo the operation, in line with doctors principles, Yun Xi would never ignore a patient.

In the newly modernized ward in the Si family mansion, Yun Xi saw the Si family Madame.

Her complexion looked quite good, much better than her complexion had looked on the day she had hemoptysis.

However, Si Wenxuan, who was at her mothers bedside, glared at Yun Xi with contempt and disdain in her eyes.

As soon as she saw Mu Feichi, whod come in behind Yun Xi, she stood up from her chair and rushed over with an ecstatic expression.

“Brother Chi, youre here.

You left without saying a word the other day, and my mother even asked about you.”

Mu Feichi didnt pay her any mind.

He followed Yun Xi to the bedside and politely greeted Madame Si.

Xiao Weijun looked at Yun Xi and carefully took note of the fact that the girl was in a feminine outfit today.

She looked about the same age as her daughter, but she had a more elegant and classy aura than her daughter.

“Girl, is your name Yun Xi Thank you for saving me in the flower room the other day.

My daughter unkindly wronged you.”

When shed woken up that day, shed heard someone say that she had been kindly saved by Yun Xi, yet her daughter had tied Yun Xi up.

It had indeed been very rude of them.

Yun Xi smiled, then glanced at Si Wenxuans dissatisfied expression and said airily, “Madame, youre too courteous.

In that situation, anyone wouldve been anxious.”

“I heard that you just cooperated with Professor Joseph and completed a very successful operation.

How knowledgeable are you about my illness”

Only when people fell very ill did they realize the preciousness of life.

After Dr.

Carl had told her about the stressful situation that day, she had felt scared and even now she continued to be afraid.

If shed really suffocated and died that day, she would never have been able to see her loved ones again.

She didnt want to die yet.

There were still many things left to be done, so she was reluctant to just die now.

“Madames condition is roughly the same as that of the patient who I operated on today.

I will discuss with Professor Joseph whether there are other complications that need to be checked again.

Professor Joseph will come over later, and everyone can listen to his opinion.”

She was no longer in a hurry, but the patriarch and his wife were anxious.

She didnt know if it was because they were afraid that she would have second thoughts or that there could be unforeseen events.

She quickly called Professor Joseph to come over to discuss the plans and countermeasures.

Yun Xi had a headache.

Before, they hadnt believed in her medical skills, so everyone was speculating and in no rush to proceed.

Now that her operation had been successful, they were even more anxious than she was for it to take place.

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