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Chapter 426: They Might Not Have the Right, but Dont I Have the Right

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan stood at the door, thinking that they had heard Mu Feichis instructions wrong.

They turned to look at the patriarch of the Si family, then at Young Marshal Mu, who had given the order.

They didnt know what to do so they didnt do anything for the moment.

She was the daughter of the Si family, and this was their home.

And Young Marshal Mu wanted them to throw her…out

This was really characteristic of Young Marshal Mus way of doing things.

He could act so domineering even when it wasnt his territory.

He didnt even consider the patriarch of the Si family.

“What are you guys doing Didnt you hear me”

“Yes.” Feng Rui and Qi Yuan glanced at each other, stepped forward, and grabbed onto Si Wenxuans arms.

As soon as they touched her, Si Wenxuan frantically pushed their hands away.

“What are you doing How dare little secretaries like you lay hands on me If you arent careful, I will make you suffer.”

Conflicted, the two of them looked at the silent patriarch of the Si Family, then at Young Marshal Mu, who looked displeased This had become really difficult.

They were now under tremendous pressure from both sides and felt as if they were sandwiched in the middle of all these forces.

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi.

Hed really had the audacity to give such an order, but not everyone was as powerful and fearless as he was.

Seeing that no one had dared to do anything to her, Si Wenxuan immediately recovered her superior attitude as the daughter of the Si family.

She snorted coldly, then glared at Feng Rui and Qi Yuan with disdain.

“Why are you all still standing there in a daze Get out of here.

Dont disturb my mothers rest.”

“The one who should get out is you.” Mu Feichi turned around, grabbed Si Wenxuan by the back of her neck, and pushed her out of the ward.

At the door of the ward, Mu Feichi coldly looked at the girl who didnt know right from wrong.

She was so brazen and arrogant that it seemed as if the head of the Si family really hadnt disciplined her very well.

“They might not have the right, but dont I have the right” Mu Feichi forcefully pushed her farther along the hallway, then turned around and reentered the room, slamming the door behind him.

Entering, he lazily leaned against the wall by the door.

He crossed his arms and looked at the bewildered crowd standing around the hospital bed and said impassively, “You can continue with all the arrangements.”

Outside the door of the room, Si Wenxuan, who had been pushed to the ground, got up sheepishly and tried to unlock the door, but Mu Feichi had already locked it from the inside.

Unwilling to give up, she pounded on the door and yelled at the people inside, “Brother Chi, you open the door for me.

Have you also been bewitched by that little fox She has ulterior motives toward my mother.

My mother dotes on you so much, how could you be so treacherous Are you trying to get her killed”

Mu Feichis mother had died early.

For Xiao Weijun, who watched Mu Feichi grow up and didnt have a son of her own, shed truly loved the child and treated him as her son.

Therefore, since childhood, Si Wenxuan and Xiao Weijun were the women who had seen Mu Feichi most often.

It was a pity that after Mu Feichi had inherited the Mu Family Corporation, hed spent most of his time at the company.

Si Wenxuan couldnt see him even if shed wanted to.

Later, he was given the title of Young Marshal Mu and granted Tianyu Mountain as a place to build his own residence, the Mu Mansion, and Si Wenxuan was forbidden to go up the mountain.

Even when he came to the Si family mansion, Mu Feichi had only come when she was attending class.

“Dad! You cant put my mothers life in the hands of a girl of unknown origin.

Arent you afraid that something might happen…”

Xiao Weijun sighed slightly, then smiled at Yun Xi kindly.

“Yun Xi, Wenxuan is spoiled, so dont listen to her.

This matter is adults business, so we are in charge.”

Yun Xi glanced at the embarrassed madame of the Si family and shrugged indifferently.

“Since the patients family disagrees, this operation cant be performed.

Please think carefully.”

She didnt want to make herself a scapegoat, lest something went amiss during the surgery.

Si Wenxuan could get her arrested and accuse her of murder.

Then she would suffer greatly.

Si Jingting and Xiao Weijun looked at each other and said frankly, “Her opinions arent important.

Well simply follow the arrangements made by you and Professor Joseph.

The surgery will be performed this Sunday.”

“If thats the case, then all right.” Since the patriarch of the Si family had said so, with so many people present at the scene to testify in her defense, she was no longer afraid even if Si Wenxuan tried to make her into a scapegoat.

Outside the door, Si Wenxuan was still yelling, and she started slamming the door when she couldnt open it.

Just as Si Wenxuans body slammed into the door, Mu Feichi suddenly reached out and unlocked the door.

When the door opened without warning.

Si Wenxuan was unable to catch her balance, and she fell sprawling to the ground.

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