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Chapter 429: Hide Their True Strength

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With the written examination in the morning and the quick-answer process in the afternoon, the schedule was fully packed.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were discussing the group situation that was coming up in the afternoon as they ate their lunch, when, from a distance, they saw Li Sinuo and Zhou Chengzhe walking side by side.

Although they all came from the same school, ever since Li Sinuo had admitted that shed framed Yun Xi, other students had been reluctant to approach her for fear of gossip.

Zhou Chengzhe didnt seem to mind.

Instead, he seemed to regard her as an ally fighting against their two mutual enemies, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

Seeing that the two of them seemed to be in unanimous agreement, Yun Xi felt the urge to laugh.

If Zhou Chengzhe ever found out that the rumors in school about him had been spread by Li Sinuo, would he feign ignorance to protect his pride or would he slap her

Hee, hee… She was starting to look forward to the competition.

She hoped that Zhou Chengzhe would stay in the competition until the end.

How could they compete if he didnt have real skills

After a two-hour break, the subregional competition began, and within an hour, ten spots emerged.

During the final contest, Yun Xi glanced at the noisy crowd around her.

After finding Zhao Yumo, she also saw Zhou Chengzhe and Li Sinuo, as expected.

She didnt see any other Jing High School students.

Yun Xi knew the ulterior motive behind Li Sinuos desperation to win the Biology and English competition.

She wanted the unconditional admission to study abroad.

She was a smart person, and she knew that the man shed been seeing wouldnt just let her go.

Her only choice was to run.

Only when she escaped abroad would she be able to be rid of the trauma of those photos.

But what she didnt know was that this man shed been with wasnt an ordinary person.

Whether the man would let her go or not, as long as Yun Xi was there, she wouldnt have a chance to study abroad.

The list of groups appeared on the big screen.

Yun Xi glanced at the list and narrowed her eyes.

Very well.

She was playing against Zhou Chengzhe, and even though she and Li Sinuo were in the same group, she was confident that she would be the one who would stay until the end.

This contest was very unconventional.

It started with the score of 50 to 10.

When there were 50 people, everyones scores were the same, and the ten who remained were the ten with the best scores.

The judges wrote the scores of the ten contestants on the big screen.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo had already decided beforehand that they would hide their true strength during the first round.

Therefore, when the 50 contestants were cut down to ten contestants, she and Zhao Yumo had answered the questions with the idea of keeping a low profile in mind.

When Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo scored the ninth and tenth places respectively, their biology teachers and homeroom teachers grew anxious.

Upon seeing their scores, everyone thought they were underperforming because they were nervous.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo glanced at each other and smiled mischievously without explaining anything.

They decided they might as well let everyone misunderstand them.

But Zhou Chengzhe was very happy, because he had scored first place, which made his homeroom teacher feel proud.

When the groups began, the first place was grouped with the tenth place, the second was grouped with the ninth place, and so on, in a grouping method based on balancing strength.

Yun Xi had ranked ninth place and Li Sinuo had ranked sixth place, so both of them were placed in the group that played against Zhou Chengzhe.

The groups were then designated the red and blue groups.

At the start of the competition, the red and blue groups would start competing.

Questions would appear on the big screen, and both sides would press their buttons on the stage to answer.

Ten points were given for correct answers, and ten points were taken off the score for incorrect answers.

If someone on the team didnt want to take the risk and refused to answer the question, then they would lose ten points and their question would be given to the whole team to answer.

Therefore, whether one answered or not, the score determined the win or loss of the entire team, so nobody could shirk responsibility.

At the beginning of the contest, Yun Xi was very calm, and since she was ranked behind, she wasnt in a hurry to answer.

However, Li Sinuo was full of confidence and rushed to answer several questions in a row.

Although she answered three questions correctly, the more impatient she became, the more she underestimated the enemy.

She was repeatedly deducted points, soon numbering 50, and only 30 points were left of her original 80 points.

Zhou Chengzhe was confident in his victory, and he answered very quickly.

Every time he answered correctly, he would look at Yun Xi smugly.

He had already answered six questions, and a 90-point base score plus 60 points equaled 150 points.

Yet Yun Xi was still in place with an untouched score of 60 points.

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