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Chapter 431: Effortless, Crushing Strength

His little wild kitten had never been a kind person, and he didnt want her to be too kind.

If she was too kind, she wouldnt be able to safeguard her position as the Young Marshals wife in the future.

The situation on the stage began to heat up, but it was very one-sided.

The questions Zhou Chengzhe asked were getting more and more esoteric.

Some of his questions were about things that many participating students in the audience had never even heard of.

Yun Xi answered his questions without hesitation, and she drew unanimous praise from many judges and teachers.

Originally, Zhou Chengzhe had had the upper hand in the contest.

After all, hed scored the highest in the game so far and had won a lot of applause and admiration.

And now, suddenly, a little girl who hadnt even been noticed before began to snatch victory from his grasp.

Fighting all the way to the end, shed become the only pillar of the red team that had survived to the end.

People were very surprised that the ninth-place performance hadnt paled in comparison to the first-place performance.

Once the questioning and answering between the two sides started, Yun Xi never missed a single question.

The difficult questions Zhou Chengzhe asked all seemed easy for Yun Xi.

The situation on Zhou Chengzhes side was quite the opposite.

He gave Yun Xi questions that added points, but Yun Xi gave him questions that deducted points.

Her questions werent as difficult as the questions Zhou Chengzhe asked, but they were the questions most easy to miss if one didnt pay close attention.

Zhou Chengzhe kept getting points deducted, and Yun Xi kept getting points added.

Right from the start, Zhou Chengzhe was being pursued and defeated by Yun Xi.

The audience began to whisper, and even the teammates standing behind Zhou Chengzhe started talking.

“This is the first time Ive ever seen the ninth place gaining the upper hand over the first place.

How exciting!”

“Yes! Its almost as if the ninth place must have been hiding her true strength from the beginning.”

“Have you noticed that she asks simple but error-prone questions”

“Our team keeps getting points deducted.

Were on our way to losing.”

“Whats going on with Zhou Chengzhe How can he answer such a simple question wrong”

“The red team is winning.

And by asking such simple questions, its obvious they arent even trying.”

They all knew the answers to Yun Xis questions, but things kept going wrong for Zhou Chengzhe.

Listening to everything that was being said behind him, Zhou Chengzhes face became livid with anger.

How could he not see that despite the fact that Yun Xi hadnt used all her strength to compete against him, she still remained invincible, and she was obviously simply humiliating him.

Seeing his score deducted to 30 points, Zhou Chengzhe also began to worry.

Now Yun Xi was trouncing him with 120 points, four times his score.

The time wasnt up yet, and the blue team was waiting for Zhou Chengzhe to counterattack.

Finally, Zhou Chengzhe answered one question correctly, but, after regaining a little confidence, he got the next question wrong again.

He answered one question correctly, then the next question wrong, then one question correctly and the next questions wrong again and again.

It was as if Yun Xi was playing him.

His score was kept below 60 points.

Their classmates who were watching the contest from the audience could also see that their classmate on the red team didnt take Zhou Chengzhe seriously at all.

Previously, shed been asking easy questions to trick him, but now she was controlling the rhythm of how the other party answered questions.

She was playing him like a monkey.

As they realized this, the classmates started to regard Yun Xi with reverence, and then with awe.

This female classmate was too frightening.

She was not only able to correctly guess the rate of her opponents correct answers, but also she could then control the frequency of the right or wrong answers.

Even if she had been a roundworm in her opponents stomach, it would still have been impossible to understand her opponent that much, and more impossible to estimate whether the opponent would answer the question correctly or incorrectly.

But she could, and she even played him for a fool.

Li Sinuo also discerned Yun Xis true intentions.

She had stalled at trouncing him, thus successfully giving him a glimmer of hope before crushing him ruthlessly.

This kind of psychological torture of giving him hope then extinguishing his hope mercilessly…when Zhou Chengzhe realized what she had been doing, he would definitely despise her.

This woman was too cruel.

Upon being shamed in front of everyone, Zhou Chengzhe might not be able to recover this time.

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