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Chapter 432: Truly Deserving of a Good Spanking

Half an hour passed, and the judges pressed the bell to end this entertaining question-and-answer round.

Unwillingly to give up, Zhou Chengzhe turned to look at his score on the big screen.

When he saw that the time was over, he slammed his fist on the podium in front of him with regret.

Thinking of how hed kept answering questions wrong as if he had been bewitched, Zhou Chengzhe didnt know what had gone wrong.

“Jury, this wasnt fair.

She asked very tricky questions.”

Zhou Chengzhes resentful voice could be heard on the microphone, and the noisy venue immediately fell quiet.

Jing High Schools teachers and Zhou Chengzhes homeroom teacher were also taken aback by what Zhou Chengzhe had said.

What did he plan to do Hed already lost, but now did he want to dishonor Jing High School as well

Class 1s homeroom teacher quickly walked over and shouted at Zhou Chengzhe from the audience, “Zhou Chengzhe, what are you doing Winning or losing is no big deal.

Its nothing to obsess about.

Come down here quickly, and dont do something embarrassing up there.”

It was already bad enough that he had lost, yet his brazenly bad behavior was truly disappointing.

Zhou Chengzhe glanced at his homeroom teachers warning eyes and clenched his fists.

Several teammates looked at him contemptuously and started whispering.

“Is he that much of a sore loser Anyone with a discerning eye could see their differences in academic strength.”

“Yeah! The red team didnt even try their best, yet he lost to them so badly.

He blames his own failings on other people.

How ridiculous.”

Zhao Yumo had finally found a chance to exact her revenge, so she was even harsher.

“Zhou Chengzhe, if you cant afford to lose, just say it instead of embarrassing Jing High School.

In the last round of questions, most of us didnt even know how to answer your questions, and some of them were university-level knowledge.

Would you dare to say that your questions werent tricky But we all knew the answers to Yun Xis questions.

If youre stupid, you cant blame others for being too clever.”

Yun Xi had dug a big hole and made Zhou Chengzhe jump down it of his own accord.

Upon being ridiculed, Zhou Chengzhe turned his head abruptly and gave Zhao Yumo a vicious look.

He felt a burning rage in his throat.

At this moment, all the judges on the stage were looking at him, so he dared not recklessly lose his temper.

But losing to Yun Xi was worse than death.

“Young man, your time is up.

As you can see from the questions just now, you must have some knowledge of university-level biology.

Compared with the female students questions, yours were more tricky and more difficult.”

The judges on the stage stood up and looked at Zhou Chengzhe and then looked at Yun Xi after making their objective judgment.

“However, this female student was able to answer perfectly.

It seems that she has also studied university-level biology.

Very good! Todays competition was very entertaining, so let us appreciate high school students passions and pursuit of biology…”

The judges on the stage went on and on, and the results were clear.

The question-and-answer match had given them many surprises.

Yun Xi looked at Zhou Chengzhe indifferently with a sullen expression on her face.

The bearing of a winner, in front of the loser, was provoking no matter how low-key.

However, what she wanted was to shame Zhou Chengzhe in front of everyone.

If he had the audacity to challenge her, then he had to face the contempt and disdain of everyone.

Now that her goal had been achieved, she felt gratified.

In front of so many teachers and classmates, theyd demonstrated each others strengths.

She was the first in the entire grade and had won honorably.

He was third in his grade, and he didnt lose unjustly.

In the corner, Mu Feichi looked at his sly little fox on the stage.

She obviously looked calm, but when she cocked her head to gaze at her opponent arrogantly, the look on her face seemed especially patronizing.

It was truly deserving of a good spanking, yet also extremely adorable.

Retracting his gaze, Mu Feichi cocked his head and asked Feng Rui beside him, “Have you recorded it all”

“Its all here.”

“All right then.

One copy will be delivered to the Mu residence, and the other will be delivered to Si Wenxuan so that she can see the gap between her and my woman, lest she harbor delusional daydreams about me.”

“Young Marshal Mu, she harbors delusional daydreams about you because youre so handsome.”

“Why doesnt that little girl daydream about me How dare she refuse the position as the Mu familys madame”

“Um…perhaps her EQ ran away from home.”

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