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Chapter 435: Her Heart Ached a Little

That night, it was as if an extravagant banquet had kicked off in Jingdu.

On the embankment, a couple walked as they embraced each other, and the sweet whispers and laughter among the lovers were a source of warmth during this cold night.

After a while, Mu Feichis deep voice sounded from above her head.

“In the year my mother died, I was ten years old.

What I want the most is for her to revive.”

He held her hands tightly, and an inaudible sigh echoed in her ears.

Yun Xi couldnt begin to understand what a mothers death meant to a ten-year-old child.

Because during her childhood, in all her memories, there was nothing except for her aunts harsh rebukes and harassments.

Even now, with her mother by her side, it felt no different.

She and him, in terms of parental love, seemed to be quite fated in the sense that it was something they both longed for but couldnt have.

“Later, my father took me into the corporation to learn the ways of the cutthroat business world and how to deal with official affairs and the entertainment business.

From that time on, he told me my dreams could no longer be of heroes, because I must shoulder the future of this family with him.

The Mu family wasnt just a name, it concerned the rise and fall and the future of the entire family.

At that time, I was 13 years old, which is supposed to be the happiest childhood age.

Other children were fighting and playing, yet he took me to all sorts of business events in order for me to familiarize myself with the ways of society.”

From the moment he assumed control of the family, his way of life didnt allow him to have too many emotional fetters.

Hed once thought that in the future, he would only marry for the sake of his family and marry a woman who could give him an heir.

Love wouldnt be important to him.

He was a man, so deep emotions could easily become his weakness or even his Achilles heel.

As the head of the family, especially the head of such a wealthy family, too many personal feelings werent allowed.

However, hed never expected that he would encounter this little girl who was destined to be his one and only.

In the darkness, it seemed that there was indeed providence.

God had blessed him and sent her to him.

His life was no longer full of loneliness.

“Young Marshal Mu…” A little greedy for his warmth, Yun Xi lifted his arms around her shoulders.

“I feel safe and secure at places you safeguard.”

Upon falling in love with this man, his gentleness, his dominance, and his tenderness were all deadly poison.

Once one becomes addicted, one wouldnt be able to pull oneself out.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and laughed softly.

“Then, under my protection, do you feel safe and secure”

“…..” Yun Xi blinked and nodded.

In reality, shed wanted to say that he made her feel safe.

With him, there was a sense of security.

Its just…with her current status, she doesnt deserve him at all.

Not only was he Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family, he was also the head of the Mu family.

For him, the wife of the Mu familys patriarch should be an heiress from the right family.

Not a woman with a messy family background like her.

A man like him deserved better.

“Dont you feel more secure being in the position of Madame Mu Not only would the Mu family be yours, but everything of mine would be yours, and I would also be yours.”

Upon seeing how hed started flirting so smoothly out of the blue, Yun Xi couldnt help but marvel at how skillfully experienced he was.

“Young Marshal Mu, theres no pie in the sky.”

“The pie has already hit your head, all right”

“Okay! But I dont want to eat it now.”

“If you wont eat, I will feed you.”

“Dont cause trouble.

Its too cold, so lets go back.”

As if to hide her head in the sand, she lowered her head to avoid his soft and tender eyes.

Regarding some matters, it wasnt that she was being high maintenance by refusing to accept them, but that she really couldnt afford to.

The gleam in Mu Feichis eyes gradually disappeared.

He sighed slightly, but didnt force the issue and simply embraced her as they walked back.

There was still a year, so he could wait.

He could afford to wait.

Not everyone had the opportunity to wait for their beloved woman to grow up, like waiting for the most beautiful moment when a flower bloomed.

And he was very fortunate that in his best years, he had met her, who was still a bud.

On his lonely road, she was destined to accompany him all along the way.

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