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Chapter 439: Dont Play Any More Tricks on Me

He had really underestimated Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

Even if he didnt want to admit it, he couldnt change the fact that he had lost.

“If it hadnt been for you and those stupid rumors, I wouldnt have provoked them.

In the end, this has all been your fault.

You wanted to use me to deal with them, so you could benefit from it.

Li Sinuo, dream on with your wishful thinking.”

“Zhou Chengzhe, why dont you think about it from a different perspective If you could eliminate the two of them, you would still be number one in the entire grade.”

“I want to defeat them by using my academic strengths.

I dont need your underhanded tactics.”

Zhou Chengzhe looked down on green-eyed calculating girls like Li Sinuo.

“Strengths” Li Sinuo snorted lightly, then looked at him with a mixture of mockery, disdain, and contempt.

“If you really had such strong academic strengths, would you have lost to Yun Xi in the biology competition And consecutively lose to her on two quizzes”


Those two quizzes hadnt been easy, and Yun Xis grades had been much better than his, so he had felt a little alarmed.

Although hed never taken the two of them seriously, after the results of the biology competition came out, one thing was confirmed.

That wretched girl Yun Xi had hid her true potential way too deeply.

“With the two of them here, dont even think about getting first place in Jing High School in the future.

If you dont get first place, your scholarship and all the rewards will be gone.

There may be hope for you yet if youll cooperate with me!”

“Is it because Yun Xi took first place from you that youre so desperate to scheme against them Li Sinuo, youve used me this time to make me and the two of them enemies.

Sooner or later, I will settle this account with you.

No way will I cooperate with you!”

Upon seeing that Zhou Chengzhe wasnt buying her story and regarded her as an enemy, Li Sinuo was infuriated.

She had never seen someone so unappreciative.

“You want to beat the two of them on your own Zhou Chengzhe, arent you being delusional Think about it.

Ever since Yun Xi came, when have you been in the limelight at school All our classmates fawn over Yun Xi, and so what if you rank first in the grade if nobody knows you”


The stairs on the top floor were designed in a T-shape, with a roof door on the left and a small corner on the right where things were stored.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were standing beside this storage area as they listened to the two people arguing outside.

They were watching with the same relish as if they had been seeing a play.

“Yun Xi, you said that if Li Sinuo hadnt used Zhou Chengzhe, perhaps he would have cooperated with her, right”

“Even if Li Sinuo uses Zhou Chengzhe, he will end up cooperating with her.

Because their goals are the same.

Zhou Chengzhe is too eager for quick success and easy gains.

As long as he can achieve his goal, even if he is used, it doesnt matter to him.”

She understood the mentality of people like Zhou Chengzhe.

He had low self-esteem, and he would surely get his revenge some day when he had attained success.

Thats why shed reminded Yumo from the beginning that this kind of person had too much pride and a distorted inferiority complex.

Now that all h*ll had broken loose thanks to Li Sinuo, they wouldnt have to find a way to deal with him in the future.

“The two of them joined forces to deal with the two of us.

Oh my, Im so looking forward to it!”

Yun Xi chuckled, and a sly expression flickered in her eyes.

“Just wait, there will be a good show waiting at winter camp.”

After negotiating terms with each other, Zhou Chengzhe was afraid that he was going to be be set up by Li Sinuo again, so he threatened her.

“Li Sinuo, youd better not play any more tricks on me, otherwise you might not be able to hide the fact that you have a sugar daddy.”

“Zhou Chengzhe, what do you mean” This was Li Sinuos Achilles heel.

When Zhou Chengzhe mentioned it, Li Sinuos expression changed.

Shed had no idea that he knew.

“Just to remind you, I can keep it secret, but dont play any more tricks on me.

Otherwise, dont blame me for getting my revenge on you.”

Li Sinuo snorted coldly and clenched her fists with a sharp gleam in her eyes.

“Dont drag me down either!”

After turning around, Li Sinuo went downstairs first.

Zhou Chengzhe looked at his watch and followed her off the rooftop.

The two of them walked fast, and neither discovered their two enemies whod been standing right outside the door.

Only when she got downstairs did Li Sinuo look up and see Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo standing by the railing looking down at both of them condescendingly.

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