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Chapter 440: Psychological Struggle

Li Sinuo and Zhou Chengzhe had guilty consciences, so they were shocked when they saw Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo suddenly appear up where they had just been talking about them.

Zhao Yumo leaned on the railing with both hands and looked down at the shamefaced Li Sinuo like a queen.

“You…why are you two up there”

Li Sinuo grit her teeth as she looked up at these two people who she both despised and envied the most.

Her nervous voice revealed her guilty conscience.

If they had heard what she and Zhou Chengzhe had just said, they would certainly have their guards up, and it would be difficult for them to take advantage of them.

“We just came up to get a breath of fresh air.

We saw the two of you having a secret date up here.

Not bad, Li Sinuo and Zhou Chengzhe, you two are well suited for each other.”

It was obvious that Zhao Yumo was sarcastically mocking them.

“Zhao Yumo, dont talk nonsense.

The relationship between Zhou Chengzhe and me isnt what you think.”

Zhao Yumo snorted.

“Isnt your anxiety to protest your innocence especially suspicious”

Zhou Chengzhe was also infuriated by her derisive attitude and said with an angry expression on his face, “Zhao Yumo, dont talk nonsense!”

“Oh Then you mean you want me to tell the truth” Zhao Yumo feigned ignorance.

With a very slight provocation, shed effortlessly led the insects into the spider web by playing them for fools.

“Let me think about what you both said just now…”

“Shut up!” Afraid that she would stir up even more drama, Zhou Chengzhe was fuming with rage.

Zhao Yumo was very obedient this time.

She nodded and spread her hands out helplessly.

“Okay, Ill shut up.

Yun Xi, class is about to start, so lets go back.”

Her obedient attitude made them even more suspicious and fearful that she had more tricks up her sleeve.

Zhou Chengzhe hated the feeling of being controlled by others.

Unable to tolerate it any longer, he shouted at Zhao Yumo, “Zhao Yumo, what exactly do you want”

“I should be the one asking that question.” Zhao Yumo looked at Zhou Chengzhe.

“You told me to shut up and I shut up! Do you mean you dont want me to shut up now If you still want to listen to me speak, dont leave after school if you have the guts.”

Yun Xi watched the two people whod been dumbfounded by Zhao Yumo and silently gave her a thumbs-up.

It seemed that Jiang Chenghuans mentoring during all this time hadnt gone to waste.

“You…” Zhou Chengzhes face had turned red as he fumed with rage.

Yun Xi didnt say a word.

Zhao Yumo was no amateur when it came to bashing people.

The two walked on ahead while Zhou Chengzhe and Li Sinuo followed them to class.

They didnt know what overcame Zhou Chengzhe, but he got so angry that he suddenly stretched out his hand to push Zhao Yumo.

Warning bells immediately went off inside Yun Xi, who cocked her head almost reflexively, and from the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of Zhou Chengzhes outstretched hand, so she swiftly pulled Zhao Yumo toward her.

Zhao Yumo staggered on top of her and slammed Yun Xi against the wall.

However, Zhou Chengzhe wasnt so lucky.

The stairs they were on were pretty high, and the four of them happened to be at the top of the stairs.

Zhou Chengzhe had wanted to shove her forcefully, so when Zhao Yumo suddenly was yanked away by Yun Xi, he couldnt stop his movement and fell down the stairs.

A shrieking cry echoed in the stairwell, and Yun Xi watched Zhou Chengzhe roll down the stairs as he shrieked.

She had always believed in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Since he was so desperate to dig his own grave, then she had no choice but to satisfy him.

Li Sinuo looked at Zhou Chengzhe, who had taken a bad fall, then looked at the two people who turned around to leave.

She sucked in her breath and ran down to help Zhou Chengzhe get up.

Although he himself had been asking for trouble, they were still allies, and she had to rely on him to deal with Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo, so this wasnt the time to burn bridges.

“Are you okay Ill help you to the infirmary.

Were all classmates.

How can the two of them be so cruel”

While helping Zhou Chengzhe get up, Li Sinuo didnt forget to add fuel to the fire to increase Zhou Chengzhes resentment toward Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

Enduring a huge amount of pain, Zhou Chengzhe stood up with a strenuous effort and grit his teeth as he spat out, “I wont let them off the hook…”

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