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Chapter 443: I Dont Want to Eat Candy.

I Want to Eat You.

On the way back to the Mu familys residence, Mu Feichi held the sleeping figure in his arms.

His gloomy expression seemed even colder than the weather outside.

As Qi Yuan drove the car, he glanced in the rearview mirror worriedly, then asked a question he had always wanted to ask.

“Young Marshal Mu, why did Miss Yun have to do this operation Hadnt she thought about the consequences if something were to have gone wrong during the operation”

If something had gone wrong, at that time, even Young Marshal Mu might not have been able to protect her.

If the reason wasnt that she had absolute confidence in herself, then there must have been another reason she had to do it.

He couldnt understand the reason.

After all, the Yun family didnt have the guts to provoke the people of the Si family.

Therefore, she didnt do it for the Yun family.

“She did it for me.” In his mellow voice, Qi Yuan could hear helplessness toward her unruliness and doting affection for her.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes to look at the person lying in his arms.

His dark eyes flickered with light and appeared gentle enough to transcend time.

“For…you, Young Marshal Mu” Qi Yuan really didnt understand now.

Since that little girl had uncharacteristically done something for Young Marshal Mu, why did he look so gloomy

Shouldnt he be overjoyed or at least secretly rejoicing while feigning aloofness

The way these two people got along with each other was truly weird and confusing.

“The Si family has a very special place among the three most prominent clans.

It is a century-old clan and an independent existence.

She wants the Si family patriarch to owe her, and thus me, a lifesaving favor in case the day ever comes when that debt might save my life.”

She was so desperate to be able to save him.

Qi Yuan was surprised, and it took a while for him to find his voice, “She…she really thinks in the long term!”

It was precisely because of her long-term thinking that her intentions were even more touching.

It probably made Young Marshal Mus heart ache.

One would only wholeheartedly and considerately plan for someone who was extremely close to them.

This little girl repaying her gratitude had struck a nerve with Young Marshal Mu.

“Dont you think shes acting more and more as if she were Madame Mu”

Mu Feichi gently stroked the soft little thing in his arms.

His eyes were full of mirth, and there was also deep doting affection in them.

“Yes, definitely!” Qi Yuan nodded vigorously.

It seemed that Young Marshal Mu hadnt chosen the wrong person.

When Yun Xi woke up, the room was dim.

She abruptly sat up, not exactly knowing where she was.

Since shed gotten up so fast, her left hand had accidentally slapped the face of the man who was sleeping next to her.

The slap woke Mu Feichi up.

He opened his eyes and looked at the figure sitting up next to him.

He sat up and pressed the switch on the bedside lamp.

The curtains were half opened, and the light in the room got gradually brighter.

It was still daylight outside.

Yun Xi suddenly turned to look at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

“How is the Madame Has the observation time passed What did Professor Joseph say”

Shed fallen asleep without knowing what had happened and hadnt endured the three-hour observation period.

“Madame is okay.

She should be awake by now.”

Mu Feichi sat up and deliberately rubbed at the part of his face that had been slapped by her.

“Babe, I didnt do anything to offend you.

Isnt it kind of mean to slap me first thing after you wake up”

“Huh” Yun Xi turned her head awkwardly.

Her reaction was slow.

She glanced at the man sitting beside her who was playing the victim, and, at a loss for words, she reached out her hand to caress his slapped face for him.

“Mu three years old…at your old age, dont be so immature with me.”

“Mu three years old” Mu Feichi seemed a little confused when he heard this nickname for the first time.

“Look at how youre acting right now.

Isnt it like how kids go crying and complaining to their parents when they cant get candy You want candy, dont you I have it.”

“I dont want to eat candy.

I want to eat you.”

Mu Feichi leaned forward over her.

Before Yun Xi could react, he had already leaned over.

This position was too dangerous.

Yun Xi blushed, then raised her hand in annoyance and pushed him aside.

“Mu Feichi, get up!”

D*mn him! Next time, she needed to train her reaction speeds better with Li Zilan.

Since her reaction speed was so slow, this guy took advantage of her every time.

Worst of all, it was the type of situation where she couldnt escape.

He was like a cat who enjoyed slowly torturing the mouse it had captured instead of directly eating it.

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