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Chapter 450: Lifes a Play, and Everything Depends on Acting

Through Yun Xi, news of Zhao Yumos sudden illness and hospitalization spread like wildfire throughout the senior grade level.

The 29th of the month was the date for the preliminary stage of the English competition.

From the teacher whod visited Zhao Yumo, theyd heard that she had a fever and a sore throat.

There was probably no hope for her participating in this competition.

Many knew that Zhao Yumo came from a family of translators, so they felt bad for her.

But some who were her rivals felt gleeful.

The disqualification of a formidable rival secretly made them happy.

Zhou Chengzhe looked regretful when he mentioned Zhao Yumo in front of his teachers and classmates, but he was actually happier than anyone else deep inside.

For others, without Zhao Yumo, their rankings might go up by a little, but for Zhou Chengzhe, Zhao Yumos absence was directly related to his future.

In order to keep up her act of leading the snake out of his hole, Yun Xi had specially bought a dark-colored foundation in order to make herself look more haggard than usual.

Shed also deepened her dark circles with makeup to create the appearance of sleeplessness.

She allowed herself to be repeatedly called out by her teachers for sleeping in several classes.

There was no way her efforts would go unnoticed.

Upon being called out by the teacher, she had deliberately glanced at Li Sinuo.

Li Sinuos seat was right at the front.

Though it seemed as if she was looking at the teacher, in reality, she had been watching Li Sinuos reactions.

Upon careful observation, Yun Xi saw unconcealed glee and smugness on Li Sinuos face after thinking that she had succeeded.

There was no confusion or guilt.

Yun Xi could pretty much confirm that Li Sinuo probably hadnt known what was in Yun Xis cup.

If she had known, her expression at this moment wouldnt be so subtle and careful.

Yun Xi had no idea how the man had coaxed Li Sinuo when hed given her the stuff to use on her classmates, but whatever hed said, she didnt seem to have the slightest worry.

Li Sinuo was going to suffer greatly this year.

Not only this year, but her promising future would probably also end right here.

Yun Xi believed that she had given Li Sinuo many chances that had gone unappreciated, whenever Li Sinuo had crossed her bottom line.

No one could blame her for being merciless.

She had never felt that she was a kind person, but shed also never thought about harming others without a valid reason either.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth was her way of doing things.

Only this time, Li Sinuo had not only been set up by her man, but shed also helped dig her own grave as well.

Upon thinking about all this, Yun Xi suddenly thought of an issue that she had neglected.

It stood to reason that Li Sinuos man wouldnt interfere in a drama between young girls like them.

It would be too risky for Li Sinuo to ask him to deal with her since he could risk inadvertently exposing his whereabouts and identity.

But he still used this one-stop strategy, does that mean…

It wasnt Li Sinuo who really wanted to harm her, but the man

Li Sinuo was just the knife that was borrowed to wound others.

Strange, she hadnt provoked this person before, had she Why would he try to set her up

The more Yun Xi thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

She sorted out her thoughts again and again, and there was only one aspect that made her feel suspicious.

That was the day when Han Yaotian had come to the school gates to look for her.

She had been stopped by bodyguards after following Li Sinuo out of the school gates.

If the man had been nearby at that time, did he get the impression that she must have had a special relationship with Han Yaotian for Han Yaotian to get out of the car like he had that day

Coupled with the fact that the Han family had lost the list, Crocodile definitely wasnt going to let the Han family off the hook, nor would he give up searching for the goods and the whereabouts of the list.

Han Yaotian was still the target they were tracking, but, with the bodyguards, they couldnt lay hands on him easily.

During this time, Han Yaotian had come to see her and, from his behavior, it had seemed that the relationship between them was unusual.

And, because of this, theyd set their sights on her.

Very good! She had been unknowingly dragged into the water by Han Yaotian of the Han family again.

It was simply the accumulated bad karma of two lifetimes.

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