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Chapter 451: Freedom to Not See People I Dont Want to See

Since this involved her life, Yun Xi had to readjust her plans and preparations.

After getting out of school that day, four or five men in tailored suits stopped her as soon as she walked out of the school gates.

Yun Xi glanced at their ears with headsets plugged in and their upright physiques, and shed already guessed their identities.

The leading man spoke respectfully to her.

“Miss Yun, Madame wants to see you.”

Yun Xi glanced at them and then asked casually, “Is it the young madame here”

The man seemed surprised that shed asked that, and he nodded.

“The young madame has just come from home where she went to visit her mother.”

Yun Xi smiled and said, “Sorry, Im not free today.”

She wasnt so stupid as to go to the Si familys mansion to put up with Si Wenxuans attitude.

The man was caught off guard by her refusal.

“She wants to see you.

Do you think you can refuse”

“At the very least, it seems that I still have the freedom to not see people I dont want to see.”

Chuckling, Yun Xi glanced at the car coming down the street, and noticing the license number, she ran out into the main road before the bodyguard could react.

“Feng Yang, open the door!” She yelled as she rushed toward the car.

Feng Yang had come to ask her for the meal she owed him for the favor hed performed for her.

He definitely hadnt expected to see a large group of people chasing her as his car approached the school gates.

He slammed on the brakes and unlocked the door.

Yun Xi ran over, opened the door, and jumped into the car, all in one move.

With his eyes calm, Feng Yang quickly started the car.

In the rearview mirror, he looked at the men in black who were chasing her.

“Why are the bodyguards of the Si family chasing you”

“Huh Oh, they said Madame wanted to see me, so I ran away because I dont have the free time.”

The operation on the Madame was confidential, and shed never told anyone about it, so she just made a random excuse.

“The Madame of the Si family wanted to see you Who did you offend this time”

“I didnt offend anyone.

I just dont want to see her.

Its not right that they can abduct me, is it”

Yun Xi smiled and then glanced at the bodyguards who were far behind.

She sat there with peace of mind.

Seeing that she didnt want to say anything, Feng Yang didnt ask any further questions.

He just changed the topic, saying, “Ive heard that your mother wants to move back into the villa complex.”

Upon the mention of this, Yun Xi couldnt help but chuckle.

“Yeah! I dont know who smashed up her shop, but fearing that no one would know if she was killed, she lives in worry every day.

The clubhouse is finished, so shes trying to goad Yun Ziling into convincing my dad to allow her to go back.”

Yun Ziling had tried to persuade him for a long time but to no avail.

Why Because the huge mountain known as the Su family was pressuring Yun Yuanfeng!

The pressure from the Su family had not only a great impact on Yun Yuanfengs work but also directly affected her third uncles corporate projects.

Yun Yuanfeng and Yun Qingfeng had a lot of mutually beneficial projects, but their work didnt allow them to cross paths very often.

They just helped each other when needed.

Her third uncle was waiting for her father to help him get rich, and her father was also waiting for her third uncle to make him rich.

As soon as the general manager put pressure on Yun Yuanfeng, many projects fell through.

Naturally, her father didnt dare give any favors to her third uncle.

If the project wasnt approved, the people below them could only wait.

They couldnt carry out any work.

How could he not feel anxious

Therefore, even her third uncle despised Liang Xiuqins troublemaking.

It wouldnt have mattered if she had offended someone else, but she just had to offend one of the four prominent families.

No way would she be allowed to return.

However, Yun Xi would let her mother come back, just not now.

“By the way, were you passing by here or picking up your sister from school”

“I came to look for you.

You still owe me a meal.”

Yun Xi thought about it.

That incident had indeed been resolved all thanks to his help.

Yun Xi carefreely patted the back of Feng Yangs seat.

“Okay, lets go.

Ill treat you.

Order whatever you want, but nothing too expensive since Im kind of broke.

What do you want to eat You pick a place.”

“Thats fine.

Lets eat hot pot.

I happen to have something I need your help on.”

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