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Chapter 452: Waiting for Her Opportunity to Make a Move

While they were eating lunch, Feng Yang took out a few photos and handed them to Yun Xi.

“Looks like your cousin has gotten really interesting.”

“Liang Xinyi” Yun Xi was stunned.

She hurriedly grabbed the photos and glanced at them.

In the photos, as well as Liang Xinyi, there was a man who looked vaguely familiar.

She carefully searched her memories from her previous life and quickly remembered who this man was.

Raising her head abruptly, she looked at Feng Yang with some curiosity.

She asked jokingly, “Okay, why are you targeting her”

“My goal wasnt her, it was the man in the photos with her.

I just happened to get the photos of her.

I remembered that you didnt seem to like her very much, and I was worried that she could be searching for a chance to scheme against you.

You should be careful.”

Yun Xi nodded, and her eyes got dark and serious as she stared at the photos.

“I know, I will be careful.”

Shed thought that Liang Xinyi would keep a low profile after having spent time in jail at the police station.

In addition, her main supporter, Liang Xiuqin, was absent, having been kicked out of the house, and she herself had been forced to transfer to another school.

Because of all these changes, the two of them rarely saw each other, and Yun Xi was surprised that Liang Xinyi would dare to act rashly on her own.

Unexpectedly, it turned out she wasnt afraid at all and had simply been waiting for the right opportunity to make a move.

There were few things worth her taking action about recently, and the only matter worthy of her seeking help from the Han family in the name of Han Wanling was probably a bid to let Liang Xiuqin return to the Yun family home.

In order for Liang Xiuqin to be able to return to the Yun family home, first of all, she must settle her debt with the Su family.

It wasnt that Yun Xi couldnt do it, but she simply didnt want to do it.

Therefore, Liang Xinyi had asked the Han family for help.

But Han Wanling wasnt going to help her unconditionally.

She definitely would demand something from Liang Xiuqin.

Very good, then Yun Xi decided she would use Liang Xinyi to let her mother return to the Yun familys house.

Shed originally planned to let Liang Xiuqin come back, but now, since Liang Xinyi had done it, the time would be sooner than shed expected.

But it didnt matter, since Liang Xiuqin wouldnt enjoy the same treatment as before in the Yun familys house.

The current Yun family was headed by her second aunt in name, but the actual power was in Yun Xis hands.

Even though Liang Xiuqin wanted to come back, Yun Xi naturally wouldnt let her come back so easily.

“Is the Su family still putting pressure on my dad”

Feng Yang nodded.

“As you wished, although Su Ximan doesnt want to be used by you, because she doesnt want you to gain a huge advantage.

She can only keep fussing about that incident.

Otherwise, the Su family has no excuse to pressure the Yun family.”

After a pause, Feng Yang fished the hot meat out of the bowl in front of him.

“However, this isnt a long-term solution.

If you want your mother to stay out of the house, Im afraid youll have to find another way.”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and smiled at him, concealing the emotions in her eyes.

“Its okay, even if I let my mother come back, my plans can still continue.”

As soon as Yun Xi returned to the Yun familys house, she heard Yun Ziling complaining to Yun Yuanfeng again.

Yun Yuanfeng looked impatient.

As Liang Xiuqins spokesperson, Yun Ziling was fighting hard to get her mother back in the house.

Chuckling mockingly, Yun Xi turned her head and looked at Liang Xinyi, who appeared quite calm.

She couldnt help but marvel over how composed Liang Xinyi was acting.

Before the Han family gave her a satisfactory answer, she wouldnt act rashly, lest their plans fall through and she would become a laughingstock.

It seemed that during this period of time, she had learned much about the art of scheming at her new school.

When she went upstairs and returned to her room, Yun Xi immediately saw the figure sitting by her bed reading a book.

She had already gotten used to this sight.

After locking the door, she stepped forward and put down her backpack.

Before she could do anything else, the man on the bed yanked her toward him.

Caught off guard, she staggered and was just about to reach out her hand to use the table for balance, but the mean-spirited Mu Feichi used his foot to trip her.

Yun Xis legs went slack, and soon she was sitting on the side of the bed.

“Mu Feichi, what are you doing” After falling on the bed after being tripped, Yun Xi raised her head and looked at him.

Unexpectedly, she saw fury in his deep eyes, and his handsome face appeared gloomy.

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