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Chapter 458: Im Sure He Knows What Hes Doing

Unable to sit still a moment longer, she quietly pushed open the door to get out of the car.

In the dark, under the dim moonlight, she moved forward following the sounds.

Even if Mu Feichi had objected to her risking danger, she couldnt turn a blind eye to him.

As he walked, by virtue of the low terrain, Mu Feichi could quickly distinguish two people who were in his field of vision.

He was about to move forward when a figure fell at his feet.

He squatted down and looked at the seriously injured man.

His white shirt underneath his suit reflected some dim light in the dark night.

At the first glance, he had quickly discerned the identity of the man who had fallen at his feet.

He was shocked and astonished.

“Third Young Master Chen! What are you doing out here”

There had been a serious car accident, and Chen Ziqu had gotten gravely injured.

In the dim night, through listening to his voice, hed finally figured out who the man in front of him was.

“Young Marshal Mu” Young Marshal Mu was here, so they were saved.

“Its me! Mu Feichi!” Mu Feichi raised his eyes and looked at the bodyguards who were still guarding Chen Ziqu.

They then reached out to help him up.

“Their target is you.

Since your bodyguards are shielding you, leave with me now.”

Supporting Chen Ziqu, Mu Feichi led him slowly toward the car.

Soon, they ran into Yun Xi, whod sneaked out of the car.

The expression on Mu Feichis face immediately became ugly.

Lowering his voice, he frowned and glared at her as he growled, “Didnt I tell you to stay in the car What are you doing out here”

There was undisguised anger in his voice.

If it hadnt been for the situation at hand, he really had the urge to spank that disobedient little rascal.

Yun Xi glanced at the person Mu Feichi was supporting, then whispered, “I can help him.”

Under the dim moonlight, she quickly discerned who it was and said in a somewhat shocked voice, “Its Third Young Master Chen”

How could that be Why was he here

Third Young Master Chen of the Chen family had had a car accident on Christmas Eve, and in such a place.

If word spread, tomorrow Jingdus media would be reporting the matter everywhere.

“Hes injured.

Help him into the car and stop the bleeding first.

Use the GPS in the car to tell Qi Yuan and the others to rush over.


“How about you”

“Im going to go rescue the rest of them.”

There were many people who needed rescuing, and there were many other people who seemed to be up to no good.

If he didnt deal with those people, they wouldnt be able to pass on this road tonight anyway.

“You stay in the car! Dont you dare get out!” Mu Feichi glared at her before turning around and rushing into the grassland again.

Yun Xi used a strenuous effort to help Chen Ziqu onto the back seat of the car and turned on the lights.

The black glass in the car windows kept a lot of light from escaping.

Only now could she check out Chen Ziqus injuries.

Opening another drawer in the car, she quickly found the medicine cabinet.

Then she examined Chen Ziqu, who seemed to have lost a lot of blood.

She became anxious and worried.

The conditions in the car didnt allow for surgery.

All she could do now was to stop the bleeding and hope that he could hold on until Mu Feichis bodyguards got there.

“Please dont fall asleep.

I will stop the bleeding right now.

The conditions here dont allow for surgery.

Your injury is very serious, so you have to go to the hospital for surgery.

You must hold on.”

Chen Ziqu opened his eyes and looked at Yun Xi.

A little worried about Mu Feichi, he said, “I can hold on.

Girl, the other side has so many people, and Young Marshal Mu is almost alone…”

As Yun Xi stopped Chen Ziqus bleeding, she soothed him while also soothing herself, “Dont worry about him.

Since he has dared to take this risk, Im sure he knows what hes doing.”

“But the other party has a lot of people, and theyre all elites, and hes all alone…”

“Ive notified his bodyguards to come.

Theyll be here soon!”

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