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Chapter 460: I Would Never Use My Woman as Bait

“There are seven people on the other side.

Once you move your head, youll be exposed.”

“Seven” Mu Feichi chuckled.

“Theres one more.”

“One more” Yun Xi was stunned.


Her ability to judge directions by sound naturally couldnt be compared to his, but she was starting to get the hang of it.

But now hed just said there was another one that she hadnt noticed.

With her ability at the level that it was, she couldnt tell where the other one was.

In the dark, Mu Feichi held her wrist and caressed her head with a half-hearted smile.

“If you cant discern where the eighth person is, what are you doing here”

Yun Xi glanced at the stuff shed brought with her and smiled, “Mr.

Chen asked me to bring them to you.”

She now understood why hed made her take those things.

Because the eighth enemy was now hiding in the farthest, highest, and most concealed position.

As a rookie, her abilities naturally couldnt be compared to theirs.

It was already impressive enough that she had been able to discern by ear that there were seven enemies left, since she couldnt use her vision at all.

“Then what should I do now Do I need to do anything”

Feeling tense, she looked at him nervously.

Mu Feichi pushed her up the slope of the small hill they were hiding behind and made her keep lying on her stomach.

Turning his head toward her ear, he whispered softly, “This is a dead end, you dont need to do anything.

Just stay here and be obedient.”

Yun Xi turned her head and glared angrily at his handsome face that was close at hand in the dark.

“Will you please not look down on me”

“I dont look down on you.

Youve become more capable, but I cant let you take risks at the moment.”

She said, “How about if I go out to divert their attention and draw the opponent out at the same time Do you have confidence that I can accomplish that”

“Thats a joke.

How fast is your reaction speed”

“Im sure I can manage it as long as you plan it precisely.”

This expressed her trust in him and her trust in his strength.

Mu Feichi frowned, lowered his head, and bit his lips as he concentrated.

He was really infuriated by her recklessness.

She didnt have the slightest sense of self-preservation when she should and was being overly bold when she should be protecting her life.

What could he do with her at this time

“I would never use my woman as bait.”

With only a few seconds, if he made a mistake, then all of the timing would be off.

That would be extremely dangerous for her.

If he was off by even a second, she could be injured.

“Young Marshal Mu, your expertise is not going to make a mistake with my life.

Its not an option to keep hiding like this anymore.

Soon or later theyll attack us here, and then theyll be able to get rid of us in one fell swoop.”

“With me here, I will never use you as bait.”

Mu Feichi wouldnt agree to Yun Xis plan no matter what she said, but Yun Xi really couldnt care less whether she had gotten his approval.

While he wasnt paying attention, she turned and rolled down the slope.

As Mu Feichi tried to catch her up, she quickly jumped from the haystack to the cars wheel.

Watching her slip away before his eyes, Mu Feichi felt anxious and infuriated that he had been unable to catch her.

At this time, he had no choice but to agree to her plan, and he gestured for the remaining bodyguards to cover her.

Upon seeing that he didnt plan to stop her, Yun Xi knew that he had acquiesced in her scheme.

Under the moonlight, she moved in close to the wheel, then held in her breath as she waited for the right opportunity.

As soon as shed appeared, shed quickly attracted the other partys attention.

All of them were now aiming at the black car she was hiding near.

With her petite figure curled up beside the wheel, her body tensed up and she dared not move.

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