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Chapter 463: Chapter 467: Snatch Her from the Grim Reapers Grasp

He leaned over, put his hand on her waist, and asked with a sly smile, “Does it hurt Would you like me to rub it”

He was obviously fooling around, but he gazed at her with such a gentle expression, it would have melted anyone receiving it.

Yun Xi froze a little as she almost fell into his gentle trap.

Blushing, she said flirtatiously, “Get lost!”

With one hand, she pushed away his face that was hovering too close to her, and with her other hand, she pried his hand off her waist as she glared at him with gritted teeth.

“You dont need to be so silly.

You better not try to mess with me again.

I have hundreds of ways to beat you.”

Knowing that shed understood his words, his mood brightened, and he looked at her with gentle eyes.

“If you want to beat me, you at least have to have more ability.

With your speed, you wouldnt even be able to catch up to me.”

“Stop acting so superior! Go away!”

She lay backward, bent her free foot, kicked him in the chest, and rolled over onto the carpet.

As soon as shed rolled onto the carpet, she bumped into Great White, who jumped up and hugged her.

Thinking that she was in danger, Great White bared its teeth, turned its head, and snarled at its owner with a stern warning.

Upon being threatened by his own pet, Mu Feichi looked dumbfounded and amused.

“Cmon, look at me.

Im not a bad guy.”

Mu Feichi patted Great Whites head and pulled Yun Xi away from him.

He repeatedly emphasized to the confused Great White, “Also, she is my woman, so youre not allowed to do anything to her.”

“…” At a loss for words, Yun Xi gave him a look and then returned to the important topic of the night.

“Third Young Master Chen suffered such a serious injury.

Do you know what the situation is at the hospital”

“Dont worry, there was a doctor among the people who came to pick him up.

The helicopter is as fully equipped as a hospital, and he should be able to hold on until they reach the hospital.”

With that said, he stood up, took out his phone, and called to ask about the situation.

At the hospital, Qi Yuan, who was still waiting for the results, said that Third Young Master Chen had been sent to the operating room for emergency surgery.

“Go ahead and make sure you block any report of this from reaching the news.

If anything about tonight is reported tomorrow, youre fired!”

“Yes! I understand!”

What happened tonight was no trivial matter.

Once word got out, it would inevitably attract all sorts of criticism, speculation, and might even cause panic.

Qi Yuan understood the importance of the matter and had already made several arrangements on the helicopter early that morning.

“Once Third Young Master Chen is out of danger, please call again, and inform the Chen family as well.”

“I have already notified the family.

The Eldest Heir and the master are on their way over.”

“Okay, go help Li Zilan when youre finished, and Im going to go try to figure out what happened tonight.”

“Okay, Boss.”

By the time Mu Feichi had hung up the phone, the butler had already finished preparing supper.

Yun Xi ate two dumplings and then she lost her appetite.

Sitting cross-legged on a chair, she pushed her bowl in front of Mu Feichi.

“Dont waste it.

Please take this.”

Mu Feichi glanced at the bowl shed pushed over, then poured the dumplings from her bowl into his own bowl without saying a word, and obediently finished eating them.

“I have something to discuss with you.”

“Spill it.” Mu Feichi seemed to have guessed what she wanted to say, and there was no curiosity at all on his handsome face.

“Since youre so swift, why dont you teach me to be better.

I also want the ability to protect myself, or at least to not fall behind every time.

I fall for the trap every time.”

It didnt matter whether she could defeat him.

The thing that drove her crazy was that she didnt even know how he made his moves in the first place.

Mu Feichi finished all the dumplings in the bowl and quietly raised his head to look at her.

“If you want to learn all these things, then you must wait until you finish your final exams.”

He had already planned to teach her all the things he knew personally.

Since she was destined to accompany him to the top, it was time to teach her the things that she had to know to face life with him.

It was therefore evident that he would have to teach her.

If one day, she acted recklessly like she had done today, he couldnt always guarantee that he could snatch her from the grim reapers grasp.

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