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Chapter 464: With Mu Feichi Here, There Were No Buts

Early the next morning, when Yun Xi woke up, she found Great White by the bed, but Mu Feichi was gone.

Last night, shed waited until 3:00 oclock in the morning to make sure that Third Young Master Chen was okay before she went to sleep.

After washing up and going downstairs, she saw Li Zilan and Qi Yuan in the living room reporting to Mu Feichi about what had happened last night.

“I have already investigated the matter and checked with Third Young Master Chen, and Im certain its the doing of his old nemesis.”

His eyes blazing, Mu Feichi raised his eyes from the document in his hand.

“Have you found out who it is”

“Not yet.

The person who was captured wasnt very high up in rank.

He was only responsible for the implementation of the attack.

He doesnt know the specific goals or reasons behind the attack.”

“Please instruct everyone to investigate this for me, It is a super-high priority.

I dont allow dangerous forces to lurk in Jingdu.”

If you dared to commit a crime under his nose and got caught by him, then you couldnt blame him for being mercilessly ruthless.

“Yes! I have ordered everyone to investigate.

Third Young Master Chen also said that he would cooperate with our investigation and hopes to find clues as soon as possible.”

Li Zilan glanced at Mu Feichi.

She had heard about what had happened last night.

It was the girl who had desperately run out as bait, and that had given him an opportunity.

For Mu Feichi, this was probably a very humiliating thing.

Knowing the domineering nature of this man, Li Zilan was sure he wouldnt have allowed his own woman to run out as bait.

“I heard that you plan to teach the girl yourself” Li Zilan asked curiously.

Although there had been the recent kidnapping event, coupled with these dangerous recent events, Young Marshal Mu was probably just saying that he would personally teach the girl without actually meaning it.

Li Zilan knew very well that if Yun Xi really started to study with Mu Feichi, then she would definitely have to work in the Mu Corporation in the future.

The business world was bound to be ruthlessly cutthroat, and she would have even more burdens to shoulder.

She was supposed to be living a carefree life like an ordinary girl, but now if she was sucked into their world, the latter half of her life would change accordingly.

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi coming down the stairs, and, leaning back on the chair lazily, he raised his eyebrows, “Ask her yourself!”

If she were to ask him, of course he wouldnt be happy about it, but he had to agree.

Li Zilan turned her head and glanced at the figure coming down the stairs.

In a beige cashmere coat and black trousers, she looked gentle and soft.

She wasnt Mu Feichi, so she wasnt overly protective of Yun Xi.

In order for her to learn basic skills, Li Zilan had to be ruthlessly strict.

Moreover, this girl was indeed a piece of jade.

If polished well, her future achievements might rival her own.

“Girl, I heard that you were very courageous last night.

I heard that your reaction speed wasnt that slow.

What do you think about letting Young Marshal Mu teach you personally The decision is now in your hands.

If you let him choose, he wont be happy about it.”

She hadnt started training her reaction speed yet.

From the video of her venturing onto Tianyu Mountain, it could be seen that her reaction speed indeed wasnt bad, and it was worth training.

She was full of potential in her own right, and, if she was trained properly, she could become the most outstanding female bodyguard in the Mu Corporation.

However, Mu Feichi definitely wouldnt let her hold such a position.

She would stand in a position of power as the madame.

Yun Xi reflexively glanced at Mu Feichi, then narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“My reaction speed isnt fast enough.

I want to be faster than he is.

Boss Zilan, can you train me to become faster than him”

Li Zilan glanced back and forth between the two of them, and, when she saw his sullen expression as expected, she deliberately asked, “Why do you want to be faster than Young Marshal Mu In terms of his reaction speed, even I cant beat him, let alone you.

In the entire Mu family, Im afraid no one is faster than he is.

If you want to become faster than him, then youll have to tell him in advance so he can slack off.

Otherwise, its impossible.”

“…” Yun Xi sighed with a crestfallen expression on her face.

Only if she was faster than him would he be unable to take advantage of her.

However, with Mu Feichi here, there were no buts.

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