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Chapter 47: Very Shameless!

Yun Xi stood in the living room as she looked up at her Grandfather Yun and Liang Xiuqin, who had come to pick her up.

In her previous lifetime, she had taken advantage of the relationship between the Jiang and Yun families.

As the eldest daughter, her grandfather had loved her quite a bit and never allowed her to suffer any injustices.

In Jingdu, the eldest sons and daughters enjoyed the first inheritance rights in the family.

In the past two decades in Jingdu, the Four Great Clans had not produced many heirs.

Some clans hadnt even had sons, so inheritance by the eldest daughters had slowly become a type of tradition, and they had begun to stand as equals with the eldest sons.

This was also the reason why Yun Xi wanted to return to the Yun family.

As the eldest daughter, the family inheritance right still belonged to her, even if the Yuns had a male heir!

Shed lived like too much of a coward in her previous lifetime, so all the good things and everything that had belonged to her had all been given away to Yun Ziling and Yun Chuhan.

Aside from Grandfather Yun, who truly loved Yun Xi, everyone else in the family had used her as a tool.

She would no longer compromise in this lifetime!

Nor would she make any concession!

“Yun Xi, I am your grandfather.” Grandfather Yun saw the granddaughter who had been sent away over ten years ago and had now become an adult.

He did feel regret and emotion to see her again after all the years.

“Grandfather.” Yun Xi smiled and discreetly concealed her emotions to make herself appear as if she wasnt being too deliberate or aloof.

Jiang Wanyun and Grandfather Chen also came out from the dining room.

They greeted Grandfather Yun, but no one paid any attention to Liang Xiuqin as she sent over looks of flattery.

“Senior Mr.

Jiang, Ive troubled you!”

Grandfather Yun looked at his previous boss with awkwardness before sending Liang Xiuqin a look to tell her to get over there.

“What are you looking at Hurry up and apologize humbly to Grandfather Jiang!”

Liang Xiuqin composed herself.

Recalling the incredible embarrassment shed brought down upon herself yesterday, she awkwardly walked up to Grandfather Jiang to apologize.

Out of respect for Grandfather Yun, Grandfather Jiang didnt give her a very hard time.

“You know clearly who is real and who is fake.

Our Jiang family will only accept this one Yun Xi.

I see her as my granddaughter-in-law.

If she suffers any injustice when she returns to the Yin family, dont blame me for not giving Old Yun any face.”

These words served as both a reminder and a warning.

When said before all these people, it was completely humiliating for Liang Xiuqin.

“Senior Mr.

Jiangs teachings are wise!” Liang Xiuqin clenched her hands into tight fists, and she smiled rigidly as she swallowed the bitterness down her throat.

She especially wanted to dig a hole in the ground because this was happening with Jiang Wanyuns present.

They were both the same age, but one was a rich heiress born to a great clan, and her incomparable prestigious identity was further bolstered by her title as Mrs.


The other was an uncouth woman whod crawled out of the countryside.

Even if she became the wife of the Director, she would still belong to a lower class.

When she recalled how that wretched girl had saved Jiang Wanyuns precious son, Liang Xiuqin felt the pride return to herself and stood with her back a bit straighter.

She turned around to look at Jiang Wanyun with a flattering smile.


Chen, I heard that Yun Xi rescued Mr.


I wonder, how is he doing right now We didnt give you any trouble, right”

As soon as she spoke the words, the entire living room plunged into silence.

Yun Xi curled her lips into a smirk but looked down in silence.

If her mother wanted to get in trouble so badly, Yun Xi had no intention of stopping her!

She had done a great favor by saving Chen Yichen, but she had never asked for any remuneration from beginning to end.

She didnt even seem to take it very seriously at all.

This was how medical professionals behaved, and it earned respect and admiration from other people.

Jiang Wanyun and the Chens would always keep this favor in mind.

But when Liang Xiuqin said the words with her mouth, they took on a very different meaning.

Lang Xiuqin wasnt the one to rescue Chen Yichen, yet she was mentioning the incident with everyone present.

Anyone who a brain could tell exactly what she was implying.

Wasnt she reminding the Chen family about Yun Xi saving Chen Yichens life, so theyd not forget to repay the Yuns

Liang Xiuqin hadnt even wanted to accept this daughter yesterday, yet she was shameless enough to use Yun Xis help to elicit favors from them today.

Who did she even think she was

Jiang Wanyun hadnt had a very good impression of Liang Xiuqin to begin with, but now she looked at her with an extremely disgusted expression.

As a rich heiress and wife of a wealthy family, she wasnt in a position to say harsh things.

Instead, she pretended to not hear Liang Xiuqin and completely ignored her.

By the arch, Chen Yichen put both hands in his pockets as he lazily leaned against the wall.

His dark eyes fell upon Yun Xis face that was eager to watch her mother suffer.

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